Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend

There are many different ways to kiss your boyfriend. Exploring each of these different ways of kissing is part of the fun of having a boyfriend in the first place. From a sweet peck on the cheek to a passionate tongue-wrestling session, every kiss has its own power.

Bite Kissing
Bite kissing is meant for couples who prefer a more aggressive kissing style. Most use light nibble and bites to help stimulate the blood in the skin area. To give a bite kiss, gently wrap your teeth around your boyfriend's lower lip as you end a kiss. Gently pull his lip outward while sucking softly. Slowly release your teeth and start another kiss.

French Kissing
French kissing is one of the most popular ways of kissing. Even the briefest French kiss is very intimate. You want to start the kiss slowly, gently brushing the tip of your tongue against your boyfriend's tongue. As the kiss becomes more passionate, you want to twirl your tongues together. Be careful French kissing with braces, as the metal can irritate your boyfriend's lips and tongue. Keep your lips puckered and tense to help cover the metal as you kiss.

Ice Kissing
Ice kissing involves chilling the inside of your mouth with ice before kissing your boyfriend. You need to suck on a large chunk of ice long enough to cool your tongue, gums and lips. Kiss your boyfriend while your mouth is still cold to create an unexpected chilling sensation.

Peck Kissing
Peck kissing is a sweet way to kiss your boyfriend. It may not deliver the best kiss in the world, but it's perfect for public displays of affection. A peck kiss simply means you pucker your lips and quickly deliver a small kiss to his cheek, nose, lips, forehead or such. If you're feeling particularly enthusiastic, you can cover his entire face in a series of quick pecks for an ambush of affection.

Sensual Kissing
Sensual kissing is a popular way to kiss your boyfriend, for obvious reasons. A sensual kiss does not have to involve tongue, but your mouths should both be slightly open so that you and your boyfriend can press every inch or your lips together. As you end the kiss, take your boyfriends upper or lower lip between your puckered lips. Softly suck on his lip as you pull it a little outward. Release his lip from your lips, gaze him in the eyes and kiss him again.

Tease Kissing
Tease kissing is flirtatious and seductive. To give a tease kiss, pucker your lips and lean in towards your boyfriend, keeping your lips hovering right in front of his lips. When your boyfriend leans in for the kiss, pull away slightly. Keep teasing him with your lips hovering near his until he is crazy with desire and has to kiss you.

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