What Do Certain Kisses Mean

What do certain kisses mean? How much should you read into a kiss? This romance guide is intended to provide dating help for those who need guidance interpreting that last smooch or who want to deliver kisses with unmistakable messages.

So you've just ended your first date and you've been kissed goodbye.  You're struggling to interpret his kiss because you want to know if he's into you or not.  Use this guide to help you interpret that kiss:

The Kiss on the Forehead
Wow!  You've found yourself a gentleman who will honor you. Cherish his tenderness and get ready for a romantic relationship.

The Kiss on the Cheek
This one is harder to interpret. Is he shy or is he trying to say, "Let's just be friends"? Either way he's expressing affection. Give him the benefit of the doubt and expect a sweet, slowly building romance to evolve.

The Closed-Mouth Kiss
If he gave you a gentle but closed-mouth kiss, he's simply being a gentleman. A kiss on the mouth always indicates interest. If this is one of your first dates, that's great news: expect this boy to be respectful and gentle. However, if you're still getting closed-mouth kisses in a month, you'll want to consider the fact that he may be a bit uptight. Either that, or you need to stop eating onions while out on dates. Always carry breath mints.

The Open-Mouthed Kiss
If he kisses you with slightly parted lips, he's communicating a definite interest in you. Try to take it slow and enjoy his passion.

The French Kiss
If he uses a little tongue on the first date, take that as an indication that he's attracted to you and wants things to go further. It's up to you to decide if you want things to go this fast or if you'd like to take it slow.

The Smothering French Kiss
If he's gagging you with too much tongue or making out is all he wants to do, you may want to consider if he's going too fast for you. You want to get to know him a little before you dive in to a physical relationship, don't you? This kiss indicates physical intimacy is right around the corner; it's a very sensual and intimate kind of kiss. Make sure you communicate how you feel about this kind of kiss.

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