What Does a Kiss on the Forehead Mean

What does a kiss on the forehead mean? This depends on the relationship of the two people involved and under what circumstances a kiss is given. What's more, a first date situation that ends with a kiss on the forehead could mean many different things: it could be that a person is shy, that there's no romance or that the person doing the kissing merely respects the person being kissed.

The practice of kissing goes back to ancient times, with no definitive answer of how or why it started. Other than first recorded in the Vedic Sanskrit works, researchers can only speculate on its beginnings.

Most cultures around the world acknowledge kissing as a form of interaction but there are cultures that do not have the same customs, others that do not believe in kissing in any form and cultures where any display of public kissing is frowned upon with possible consequences of fines and legal action. This includes even a simple kiss of the forehead.

Kissing of the forehead between friends is a natural way of acknowledging the bonds of friendship and respect. A parent or grandparent kissing children on the forehead acknowledges the emotional bond of love and family that exists on a familial level.

Regarding a first date, a forehead kiss can mean the person giving the kiss may have only platonic feelings and is acknowledging that with a non-romantic gesture.

Whether a child, family member, friend, partner or in-laws are involved, a kiss to the forehead during a crisis, emergency, illness, health issue, or celebration is both a comfort and a reassurance to both the person giving the kiss and the one receiving it.

Emotions, social situations, different cultures, and psychology play a role in influencing the meaning and impact of kisses. Shared between two people, a kiss to the forehead acknowledges the moment in a positive way.

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