How Do I Know If I Found True Love

Most people who want a long-term relationship may wonder, "How do I know if I found true love?" At the beginning of a romantic relationship, things are exciting and new, so how do people determine whether their feelings for each other are just a fleeting infatuation or strong enough to withstand the years?

Beyond Appearance
Looks are important in causing that initial attraction, but as the relationship deepens, feelings should be based less on looks and more on the total person. If people are unwilling to overlook physical flaws or base the bulk of the relationship on the physical interaction, including sex, chances are that it is not true love. True love means that partners place equal importance on all aspects of another.

Unconditional Love
When someone seeks the best for herpartner, regardless of what it means for her, that's a good example of unconditional love-loving someone without conditions on his behavior, earning potential or looks. When a relationship puts real happiness as a priority without drama, manipulation or selfishness, it's a sure sign that it is based on true love. For those looking to find love, it's important to recognize the characteristics of both giving and receiving unconditional love.

True love is usually accompanied by maturity, and not just based on age. Maturity indicates a certain self-control and an ability to handle all kinds of emotional situations. People who demonstrate maturity are more likely to be financially, spiritually and emotionally centered, which contributes to a more stable relationship. Selflessness and self-confidence are often demonstrated in more mature people.

True love is more than just a passing emotion and those who experience it are in for the long-term benefits. True love requires merging two lives into one and planning for the future is key. Both parties in the relationship generally make plans to spend their lives together, which most often includes marriage and starting a family. Decisions about careers, education and major purchases like homes and cars are made with a future in mind.

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