How Do You Know When You Are in Love

At some point, everyone in a committed relationship wants to know, "How do you know when you are in love?" Because true love is somewhat elusive, when people attempt to find love, they often confuse the initial state of attraction for love. It's helpful to look at some of the characteristics of couples who have experienced a long-term, loving relationship and hold those traits up to your own relationship. True love goes beyond physical attraction and emotional excitement to set the foundation for a mutually satisfying, healthy and safe relationship.

When you are in love with someone, you definitely experience attraction, but it is deeper and more stable than the first palm-sweating, heart-pounding stages of lust. The physical attraction becomes part of the entire package of the person you love, not just the main feature.

Your actions will also show you and your partner the depth of your true feelings. When you spend time serving your partner, from helping with chores to organizing a vacation, you demonstrate with your actions that you are in love. Couples who truly love each other feel physically safe with the other person, with no fear of harm.

When you have a relationship that reflects true love, your lives intertwine to a degree that without that person, you would be severely affected. Everything from sharing the daily grind to making plans for the future involves the other person. True love means you look forward to sharing that journey together.

People who experience true love are dedicated to their partner and put that person's needs and emotional well being before their own. True love doesn't cause an imbalance however, because if a couple is experiencing true love, each is putting the others' needs first.

Couples who are truly in love respect each other and avoid hurtful cycles of demanding proof of love by citing certain actions as evidence. Those in a loving relationship accept and admire their significant other-bad habits, quirks and all. Loving couples protect each other, support each other and even respectfully disagree. When problems arise, couples in true love work through them rather than cast blame or make ending the relationship an option.

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