What Are Some Reasons Why People Love Each Other

Humans have paired up for centuries, and there are several reasons why people love each other. Some of those reasons have a biological origin, while societal expectations and emotions also play a role.

There are several biological forces that keep the human race attracted to each other in order to reproduce offspring. At the first sign of attraction, hormones like testosterone are released into the body and fuel desire. This early stage of a relationship is primarily based on physical looks and surface personality. It isn't long before neurotransmitters in the brain take over and pump adrenaline into the body. This accounts for the rapid heartbeats, flushing face and dry mouth that so many experience. The hormone dopamine floods the brain and produces pleasurable sensations, reinforcing the desire to be together.

After the initial attraction phase of a relationship, those hormonal surges in the body are replaced by different ones that promote long-term attachment. Oxytocin is a hormone that allows humans to feel good about physical human relationships, such as in a sexual relathionship or when a mother nurses her young. Oxytocin and another hormone, vasopressin, work to strengthen bonds and are a key part in keeping the body primed for long-term relationships.

Societal and Emotional
Beyond physical attraction, people fall in love with each other for many reasons. People may be attracted to a certain type of personality, often one that compliments their own. For example, an outgoing person may find quiet and unassuming people more attractive than another extrovert, while someone with poor decision-making habits may be drawn to a decisive person. Sometimes people are attracted to others who are very similar and are looking for a "better half."

Societal circumstances also play a big part in the reasons why people fall in love with each other. Many people find certain conditions acceptable or unacceptable in another person, causing or preventing love to bloom. Examples of this might be seeking someone of the same religious beliefs, someone who has had no sexual relations before marriage, someone without a criminal background, someone with plenty of money or someone of the same race or culture. A big enough social obstacle can prevent people from falling in love.

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