What Is True Love

People use the word "love" to describe their response to everything from furniture to hairstyles, but what is true love-the kind of love that endures life's ups and downs? It's the kind of relationship ideally portrayed in fairy tales, the media and in clichéd love quotes. Separating true love from other aspects of a relationship requires a look beyond immediate physical attraction and the flood of hormones designed to keep people seeking out potential mates to find love. True love lasts beyond lust and paves the way for a long-term relationship.

True love requires understanding between partners. It's important for couples to share their past experiences and relationships so that they can understand the events and occurrences that shaped their partners. Knowing details such as how someone will react in a certain situation, their attitude on issues from politics to disciplining children or whether they are wise or loose with money is key to a long-lasting relationships based on true love. Couples should not hesitate to share the intimate details of their life with each other.

True love is based on mutual trust, and if that trust is broken, it can take years to regain again. There should be trust within a relationship and an expectation that there will be no false practices, deceit and hidden agendas. Everything from personal relationships with others to financial fidelity is covered by mutual trust. Couples should never act in a way that would breech the bond of trust that has developed.

True love requires sacrifice, and putting the desires of another before their own. If two people are looking out for each others' needs, then both needs will always be met. True love in a relationship requires selflessness rather than selfishness and making compromises and adjustments to all aspects of the relationship, from job location to raising children, deepens the commitment and forges long-term bonds that strengthen the relationship.

True love can be developed when both couples keep an eye towards the permanence of the relationship. Making long-term plans with each other signifies that both parties are entering into the relationship for the long haul. Creating stability and enhancing issues like trust and sacrifice, committed couples experience true love based on shared experiences and hopes for a future together.

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