Introducing Your Date to Your Adult Children

Whether you have been widowed or are divorced, it's logical that you'd want to continue dating, especially after your children are grown and have their own lives. Still, when the time comes to introduce a date to your grown children, you need to handle the situation with care. You do not want your adult children to think you are replacing their other parent or that you have forgotten about them.

Make sure to tell your children about the date before the meeting. Surprises are good, but you want your children to be emotionally ready for this meeting. Make sure that the date you are introducing is one who is more than just a fling: This person should be important to you and someone who you think will be around for a while.

Be prepared for some resistance from your children. They may be adults, but they still may have trouble accepting that you have a dating life and have met someone special. They may feel less important to you and worry that you will forget about the past. Be sure to reassure them of their place in your life and that you love them.

When the meeting occurs, make sure it's something timed. Try an activity like bowling or game night, which will give you all something to do while getting to know one another. Also, if you keep the meeting relatively short, you protect against awkward or emotionally charged scenarios.

Don't expect your date and children to bond right away; this will take time. Keep the introductions and conversation low-key. If the initial meeting goes well, you will create a strong base from which to build a positive relationship between your love interest and your children.

Following the introduction, make sure to talk to your children about how they are feeling. Don't tell them how they should or should not feel. Instead, listen to them, and do your best to calm their worries or support them.

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