10 Top Romantic Movie Moments

Admit it: Pretty much all of us are suckers for passionate scenes on the big screen. The way those larger-than-life duos sweep each other off their feet is just so darn sweet, one can't help but go "awww." In fact, it may leave us wondering why our own sweetie couldn't be laying on the romance like that...

Well, there's a reason why the romance we see on-screen rarely surfaces in real life: It's a well-known fact that the camera adds ten pounds...of malarkey. Here, we focus on some of the most celebrated romantic movie moments and find that some just wouldn't ever translate in real life. Enjoy the analysis, and feel better about your own, more down-to-earth amours.

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #1: Serendipity
Moment of mush: When Sara (Kate Beckinsale) feels sparks flying with Jonathan (John Cusack), she leaves their romance in the hands of fate by writing her phone number in a book and selling it on the sly to a used bookstore, informing Cusack that if he manages to find the tome, they're meant for each other.

Reality check: Knowing how tough it is to meet someone you click with, why would you put any more obstacles in your own way? We'd write our number backwards on that cutie Cusack's forehead with a Sharpie if we had half a chance.

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #2: Gone With the Wind
Moment of mush: Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) grabs Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) and pulls her in for a passionate kiss. She struggles, beating him with her fists, then slowly relents and goes limp as he carries her upstairs to consummate his victory.

Reality check: This scene is almost sacred in the annals of on-screen romance, but...this is a new era, people, and no means NO! If a guy goes to smooch you, and you push him away, do you really want him fighting for more? We like a little bit of manly aggression, but not this much. Fiddle dee dee!

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #3: Ghost
Moment of mush: Molly (Demi Moore) is quietly creating objets d'art with her pottery wheel when boyfriend Sam (Patrick Swayze) is drawn in by the sensuous activity and joins her, hand-on-hand, and then onward...

Reality check: We get the whole sensuous angle, but...clay? Think through the real-life consequences of making out while covered in mud: It's not Play-doh, people. It gets in your pores, it clogs up the drain...yecch.

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #4: Titanic
Moment of mush: Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) takes Rose (Kate Winslet) up to the prow of the ship, where she leans far, far out; lets go of the rails; and stretches her arms in the air to feel like she's flying.

Reality check: As far as we're concerned, teetering precariously over any large body of water equals one thing: scary. Yes, adrenaline can be a good thing, but scary and sexy just don't mix!

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #5: Pretty Woman
Moment of mush: Just when you think Vivian (Julia Roberts) has bid farewell to Edward (Richard Gere) for good, ta-da! He shows up in a stretch limo and climbs her fire escape so he can rescue her, and she can "rescue him right back."

Reality check: Where do we even start? With the fact that she spent years as a streetwalker? Frankly, Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars was more believable.

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #6: Dirty Dancing
Moment of mush: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." Johnny (Patrick Swayze) and Frances (Jennifer Grey) finally do that one lift the right way. All of the Catskills applauds.

Reality check: Let's forget the fact that it's supposed to be 1963, and they're dancing to synthesizer music. The real problem here? Granted, we don't know your family dynamics, but if a fella sassed our dad like that, he'd have been wearing a corrective truss for about a month.

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #7: Grease
Moment of mush: Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) finally lets go of her prudish personality, shows up in naughty black leather, and dances off with Danny (John Travolta).

Reality check: Poor sweet Sandy completely changes her personality for the sake of a guy? It could happen, but it would be a bad, bad, bad move!

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #8: Sleepless in Seattle
Moment of mush: Annie (Meg Ryan) dumps Walter (Bill Pullman) during a Valentine's Day dinner. Why? Because she looks at the Empire State Building and suddenly realizes that she has to see if her million-to-one meeting with Sam (Tom Hanks) will happen. And...it does.

Reality check: Attention, Sam: What kind of a parent lets his 8-year-old set him up? We say, let's let the grown-ups make the romance plans. Really, it works better that way.

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #9: Out of Sight
Moment of mush: Jack (George Clooney) and Karen (Jennifer Lopez) find themselves locked in the trunk of a car and take the opportunity to indulge in heavy petting.

Reality check: Granted, we'd pet Clooney just about anywhere...but it's a scientific fact that the only way you can really make out in the storage section of a vehicle is if it's a Winnebago.

Ridiculously Romantic Movie #10: Shrek 2
Moment of mush: Shrek (Mike Meyers) and Fiona (Cameron Diaz) can remain beautiful humans, not ugly ogres, if they kiss before midnight. Shrek urges Fiona to plant one on him, quick, but she loves him just as he was when they met-so she lets midnight pass smoochless. They live happily ever after in their ogre guises.

Reality check: Hey, it's sweet and all-but really, if you had the chance to painlessly fix those Shrek ears, wouldn't you go for it?

Amy Keyishian is a freelance writer and the web editor for EveryDaywithRachaelRay.com. Her favorite romantic movies are The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Overboard. She's got a thing for amnesia.

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