Unique Dating: How to Meet Singles by Sponsoring a Mingle Party

In this high-tech world where face-to-face interactions are becoming less and less common, the prospect of finding that "special someone" can seem quite daunting. Where do people go now just to meet and get to know each other? What is a relatively safe venue for single people to find others who are also looking for a perfect match? If you're single and have recently had similar questions, then consider creating the opportunity for yourself, and for countless others like you in your community. Organizing a mingle event for the singles in your area is relatively easy, fun, and may just lead to some lifetime friendships or partnerships.

Decide who to invite

A singles mingle party can include any manner of people. Do you only want to include singles of a certain background, sexual orientation, or professional status? Any specific age group? Unless you have space for a very large party, it may be prudent to limit the age of the guests to within a couple of decades. While you could only invite the people you know and have them, in turn, invite singles they know, another option is to simply advertise in the local newspaper. Clearly outline the people who are invited, and require that interested individuals contact you for specific details.

Pick a venue

A mingle party may consist of a dozen or fewer people who can fit into a personal residence, or it may include a hundred or more. Remember, the more singles who are invited to the mingle party, the better chance that people will be able to forge meaningful ties with other attendees. Local community centers or public buildings may be the best option.

Plan the event

A singles mingle party is not difficult to plan, but it can be expensive if you're trying to foot the bill yourself. Consider charging a small fee to cover any costs associated with the party. With smaller groups, it may be possible to simply delegate various obligations to the people who intend to be at the party. Basically all you'll need is food, beverages, and some form of entertainment-a DJ or local band and a dance floor is one of the top choices for mingling. Finally, don't be discouraged if only a few people show up on the first attempt for a singles mingle party. As your parties become better-known, they're also likely to become much better-attended.

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