How to Date Online

Millions of people all over the world have been attracted to online dating. While it was once considered taboo, or even scoffed at, these days it is an accepted and often valuable option to find a date. Online dating can help you to stay clear of the bar scene and introduce you to people you would have otherwise been unable to meet.

This article will explore the "how to's" of dating online. With a little help and a few guidlines to follow, dating online can be a helpful and even valuable tool to meet a potential mate.

  • Decide what you are looking for in a date.  The first step to a successful online dating venture is to narrow your field. As yourself what exactly are you looking for in a date. Is age, race, location, religious preference or something else a huge factor? Try and narrow your field before you even choose a dating site.
  • Choose a dating service. Do a little research before you choose an online dating service. is one of the largest dating services online, giving you many options. will alow you to take a personality profile quiz and help match you with a date of similar interests. os completly free and can save you money compared to expensive dating sites. Do a little research before you sign up with a dating service. Avoid looking for dates on craigslist or social networks. These are not really dating services.
  • Niche services can help. Depending on how specific your search for a date is, these "niche services" can be very helpful. Are you a pet lover? Try a service like will bring together like minded Christians. will bring together wine lovers. There are plenty of niche services you can find, just by doing a google search.
  • Make a profile. Once you have signed up for a service, it is time to make a profile. Make sure you are honest in your profile. Lies will only cause problems later. Avoid all the usual statements, such as; "outgoing, funny, good personality". If you really want to share who you are, try writing a real description of a normal day in your life.
  • Stafe Safe and avoid scams. Unfortunately there are still a few online who do not have your best interest at heart. Take precautions like setting up an email exclusively for online dating, do not be tricked into giving anyone money, and always let a friend know when and where you are going on your date. Do not allow anyone access to your address until you are completely sure you are safe.
  • Don't give up. As with any date, some will not go well. The beauty of dating online is the abundance of opportunity. Use these numbers to your advantage and keep dating until you find your match.

Dating online really can be a useful and helpful tool to the dating scene. Use the tips and advice in this article to help you have a successful venture in the online dating world.

Wayne Ansell

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