Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

When you break up, it can be hard to know if there are sings your ex still loves you, especially since this is one of the things most people wish or dream about. However, if you're honest with yourself, you can spot the signs of an ex still having feelings for you.

The great thing about someone loving or having feelings for you is that there are generally signs. If you're wondering how someone feels about you, you can look for tell-tale signs of this affection.

First off, think about how often you and your ex speak or communicate. If you still talk more than once a week, there's a chance that your ex still has feelings for you. If they didn't, why would they still seek out such consistent contact with you?

Does your ex still have your picture in his or her home? Do they still have the gifts or objects you gave one another out on display in their home? If so, it could mean they haven't fully let go of you or the memories the two of you once shared.

Think about how your ex acts around you when the two of you are around one another. Do they seem nervous? Do they try to touch you? If they are openly affectionate and teasing you, then it could mean that they're still interested in you. Additionally, think about how they act when they hear of your interest in other people or when they see you talking to potential dates. If they seem jealous or cautionary, it could mean that they don't want you dating anyone but them.

If you feel as though you and your ex are still in a relationship, then you probably still have feelings for one another. A break up should change the way you interact, and if you find yourselves saying and doing the same things, it's probably an indicator that you're not over one another.

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