Helpful Advice on Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is heartbreaking. After all, who doesn't want their love to be returned? Though you may be hurting, our advice on unrequited love demonstrates that it is possible to get over it if you give it time and make an active choice to move on with your life.

The first step to getting over unrequited love is to accept the situation. You can't move on if you're still pining for the person who just isn't interested. Remove reminders of him or her, give yourself physical space and take the time to realize that this isn't going to be a storybook ending. If you think the person is going to change their mind, there's no chance you can get over them. You have to believe the love will not be returned.

Make sure to live your life. A lot of people in the grips of unrequited love keep themselves from dating or falling for anyone else because they still hold a candle for their former love. This keeps you from moving on, as you aren't meeting new people and giving them a true chance. Go on dates, meet new people and live a life away from the former object of your affections.

Talk about your unrequited love and quest to get over it with friends and family members. It helps to have people with whom you can process things, and they may have some helpful advice about the situation. Additionally, make sure to strengthen the friendships in your life. Make plans and get out of the house: This will help you keep your mind off of him or her. Try a new hobby, go to some community events and throw yourself into work. The key to getting over a former love, however unrequited, is to keep them out of your mind.

Lastly, be good to yourself. You deserve to find a love that will be returned. Do nice things for yourself: go out to dinner, get a massage and buy a luxury to celebrate yourself. Take time to celebrate the great things about yourself.

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