How to Act If You See Your Ex

Seeing your ex can be a difficult experience. You may not know how to act, or you may have the urge to shove that person over a bridge. If you keep a level head and approach the situation with maturity, you can defuse a tense situation.

If you see your ex at the park and they are walking your way, don't run away. You want to show your ex that you are mature enough to handle seeing them. You also want to prove you are over them. If you run away, it is not only disrespectful, but it also shows you cannot deal with the past.

When you see your ex, take a few breaths and smile. Act friendly and relaxed, even if you have the urge to pull your hair out or burst into tears. Seeing an ex isn't the worst thing in the world, and, really, it's like looking at an old photo album. There are some painful memories, but there are also some good ones.

Killing your ex with kindness not only makes you the bigger person, but it will also make matters less awkward. Ask about their life, family and job. Pretend you are catching up with an acquaintance.

Keep the conversation light, and don't delve into your mental issues. If you are casual and seem confident, it will show your ex that you are not only able to survive without them, but also that you are happy. Don't bring up the past or restart old arguments. This isn't a productive way to spend your time and will only open old wounds.

Avoid reminiscing with your ex, and make sure to keep the conversation short. Explain that you have a previous engagement and have to run but that it was nice seeing them. If you are pleasant, you avoid throwing fuel on a once-burning fire.

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