How to Romance Your Wife

Learning how to romance your wife is a surefire way to improve your marriage or thank her for all she's done for you in your relationship. You might be surprised how easy it is-a few little things can make a huge difference in your relationship.

Shower Her With Affection
You can turn up the romance by giving up more hugs, kisses and compliments. While you make a point to tell her how much you care on her birthday, Valentine's Day or your anniversary, it's affection at random moments-on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday evening or while watching your favorite television show-that will show your wife how much you care.

Make Her Queen for a Day
You don't need to give her little gifts and bouquets of flowers every day, but when you do put in the extra effort, your wife will feel the romance in the air.

Step Up to the Plate
No matter how your roles are generally divided, simply offering to take on something usually handled by your wife can be sweet. Take the kids for a Saturday trip, do the dishes, make dinner or give her a break from the norm in some other way.

Plan a Date Night
Ask your wife on a date like when you two were falling in love. Dress to impress and plan something special, whether it's tickets to her favorite band, dinner at a romantic restaurant or a round of cocktails at your old favorite haunt.

Learn Something New Together
Sign up for golf, cooking or some other type of lesson. If you both share the experience of learning something new, it can strengthen your bond.

Cute Communication
Flirt with your wife like you used to when you were trying to get the girl. Send her a cute e-mail or text message or leave a note next to the coffee maker telling her how great you think she is. 

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