Romance the glue that keeps love strong

We are in the age and time when marriages are falling by the wayside, when couples are leaving their marriage at an astounding rate. Couples cheat on their partners with no conscience what so ever. The days of Romance and Love are going by the wayside for lust and freedom. There was a time when a marriage was worth saving, if there was a problem the couple would work on it. Marriage was sacred.

Romance is very important to a long term relationship. A partner needs to know they are loved, honored and are placed above any other. Romance needs never to become something you only did when you first met. Romance is more important the longer you have been together than it is at the beginning. It is true that Romance at the beginning seals the deal, gets the girl but Romance throughout keeps the girl. It makes a bond that no one can step over, the sexiest person in the world can try to catch your eye, but your eye has already been caught. If a couple is happy at home. Treated with love, respect and knows their partner loves them they will not break those vows.

As human beings we are emotional beings as well as sensory beings. We have to "feel" we crave touch. We crave feeling we are appreciated that whatever we do in our family is noticed. Many people don't take the time to tell the people who live in their home and mean the most to them Thank you, I love you, Good Job.You are great. We as humans need to hear these affirmations, we need to know we are valued and our being here is worthwhile. If a mate feels unloved and dishonored at home then when he or she is out in the world and someone shows the affirmations he or she don't get at home they will develop a bond with this person, and eventually an affair will develop. The husband or wife finally decides to leave his family and make a life with this person that has given him so much joy. On hearing the devastating news the wife or husband is floored. Why she asks I love you Iam your wife? The husband or wife does not understand they were not showing their love to their partner.

Romance is something that keeps a relationship alive and affair proof. Romance can be a candlelit dinner, roses on the bed, a romantic bath and romantic music. Romance can be so much more Romance is grabbing your partners hand while you are going on a drive. Romance is walking up behind her or him and hugging and kissing them spontaneously. Romance is a touch, a soft kiss, a look across a roomful of family and friends that you know is just for you.

What alot of couples don't understand is that romance don't have to cost a penny. It is the act of showing your partner they are loved. It is the action to love. everyone has seen the sweet little older couple who has been together  fifty years are more and the care they take of one another. He gently holds her arm as she gets out of the car. She has aged, her hair is white instead of black, she is unsteady on her feet. Her husband holds onto her as if she is fine porcelain. He speaks to her softly and treats her like a treasure, because she is. She is his finest treasure and his love for her has only grown stronger. This is romance in it's most beautiful form, the romance of a lasting, enduring relationship. These two have always loved, yes they have argued there may have been times they didn't think they could make it. Yet they did they held on and they showed love to one another and a stranger can look at the two of them and know they love each other. This is romance. Have you ever seen the older couple who have been together just as long as the first yet all they do is argue? To be around them is like torture. This couple will call one another names, say condescending remarks " I always knew you were dumb". You won't see the tenderness, the love, the devotion. This couple has stayed together also yet they didn't have the romance, the love, the respect. Their relationship was full of bitterness.

Romance can make a difference in a relationship. If a human feels love, respect and are needed they are happy. A couple who has had bad things come up in their relationship yet they want to stay together. They have love one for another. The past must be put behind them. Never bring the past mistakes up, show your partner  unconditional love stand by the person you love and you will see with this love and devotion and believing in someone your partner will begin to act differently. He will smile more, touch you more, laugh more. That's what Romance does. Romance gives breath to a relationship that's dying or asleep. It gives it a reason to hang on, to be.

Romance never goes out of style and that is true. Romance is timeless being romantic is easy. Take her hand, walk up to him and hug him real tight, look into his eyes and say I Love You! It's that easy and the awards are priceless.all Romance takes is a little selflessness reaching out first. It's worth it.

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