How to Seduce a Woman's Heart

Wondering how to seduce a woman's heart? Have you had plenty of first dates, but trouble figuring out how to win over the woman of your dreams? If you need help brushing up on your seduction techniques, you can try the following tips:

Prioritize Her
This can be done in a multitude of ways. You can show her you are eager to get to know her by spending time with her whenever you are free, giving her the most important slots of your week. Invest in her by taking her to a nice restaurant and picking up the bill. Ask her what she likes to do and take her to the type of venues she appreciates. Show up early for dates; call when you say you will. Respond to all texts, e-mails and phone calls.

Flirt With Your Eyes
Your eyes are powerful tools. Maintain prolonged eye contact as you talk to the woman you desire, and show her how you feel by the way you look at her. Smile and gaze into her eyes when you greet her. Listen attentively when she talks, maintaining steady eye contact for the majority of the duration. Raise your eyebrows playfully when you tell the punch line to a joke. Wink on occasion. Give her a smoldering "I am so attracted to you" gaze as the evening goes on. Use your eyes to say you like her and you want her.

Ask Her Open-Ended Questions
You want to show her you are genuinely interested in who she is and what she cares about. Start with questions about her career, where she is from and what she enjoys doing in her spare time. Move into more intimate topics such as family background, aspirations and plans. Be an active listener, acknowledging the things she shares with nods, gestures and saying, "Uh, huh." Ask follow up questions to topics she seems interested in discussing. Pay close attention to what she says.

Share Openly About Yourself
Let her know who you are. Share openly and vulnerably. If the topic turns to something that isn't your favorite topic to discuss or reveals a weakness, joke self-deprecatingly instead of getting defensive or closing down.

Express Your Admiration
You have to tell her how you feel about her. Start with compliments on her appearance; how she looks, how she smells, how you like that dress on her. Be specific. As you get to know her, express admiration for personality traits or things she does. Tell her you like how funny she is or how considerate she is; tell her you find her intriguing or enjoyable. When you get close enough, express your level of emotion to her, whether you like her or want to see more of her or are actually moved to say you love her. Verbalize your feelings, refusing to give in to fear of rejection.

Touch Her
Find reasons to brush up against her, lean into her to whisper in her ear, touch her arm or touch her back. Keep to non-erogenous zones and keep it nonthreatening. Watch her reaction to see what she wants more of and what makes her pull away and respond accordingly.

How to Find a Girl to Seduce
If you need ideas as to where to meet women or how to meet girls in general, try the following locales: community classes, co-ed sports activities, church or synagogue, after-work activities, nightclubs, coffeehouses and through friends.

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