How to Seduce Your Wife When You Have Kids

Wondering how to seduce your wife now that kids have taken over your life? If your wife seems to have lost her libido and needs a little help remembering how much she loves to love you, try the following suggestions:

Trust She Wants to Want You
Most likely she's missing the physical intimacy also. Be careful not to accuse her of deliberately withholding sexual intimacy because those accusations, even those made in jest, can sting and cause her to withdraw even more.

Lighten Her Load
Most women lose their desire for sexual intimacy because they are exhausted by the demands placed upon them as mothers. If your wife works full time, she may feel as if she works two jobs now. If she stays home with the kids full time, she may find parenting to be the most difficult job she's ever had. Try the following ideas for helping her carry the burden:

Hire Help
Hire a babysitter, a teenager to do homework with the kids after school, someone to care for the lawn or someone to clean the house. Look at your budget and see what you can afford that will most lighten her load, then invest that money in a happier wife who will be much more likely to make love.

Pitch In
Studies show women still do over two thirds of the housework, even if they are holding down a fulltime job. The advantage to you doing the work is that not only are you lightening her load so she is not overwhelmed, but you are also increasing her respect and gratitude for you. She needs to view you as a worthy partner for her to want to make love.

Talk to Her
The goal is to win her over emotionally, since you have to have her heart if you want her to give of her body. The following talking tips will get you far:

  • Ask her how she's doing. Keep tabs on her emotional pulse. Is she overwhelmed this week or feeling invincible? Is she happy or sad? What does she need from you this week?
  • Listen to her. Get interested in the things that make her tick. Listen to her excitement about a hobby, her frustrations with a co-worker, her delight at her success, her sadness about her relative's health and her sources of inspiration.
  • Share about you. She needs to hear about your emotions, so share the little things that happen to you and how you feel about them.
  • Compliment her. You can't lavish enough praise, gratitude and admiration on a woman. Tell her you find her attractive and get specific. Make sure you she knows how much you love her and admire her.

Be Affectionate
You've got to flirt with your wife if you want any action. Start early in the day and work her all day long with moves like the following:

Kiss Her Good Morning
Spoon her in bed before you get up; give her a peck as she opens her eyes.

Touch Her Throughout the Day
Look for opportunities to brush up against her, tickle her, give her a 30-second backrub, touch her or give a hug.

Tease Her
Say things you know can be taken sexually, hinting at your desire to make love later that evening. Make it fun by using phrases the kids won't understand, but she will appreciate.

Make Time for the Two of You and Hire a Sitter
It's worth the financial investment to pay a sitter and take her out. Is money tight? Drive the kids to grandma's house-or plan a trade with friends who will appreciate a night out-and take her out for coffee and dessert instead of a full dinner. Make it special by you doing the driving and being affectionate during the date.

Put the Kids to Bed Yourself
If the kids are still up when you get home, take on the responsibility of putting them to bed while she gets ready for you. Make your intentions clear so she can anticipate the evening!

Make Your Move
If you've set the evening up right, you'll score! Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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