Why Women Stay Single

It is not uncommon to look around and find female friends who have chosen to stay single. Initially, you might think that these women are not single by choice. However, there are many reasons why women stay single, including a decrease in heart disease risks, not having to deal with cheating men, and expanded career options.

Decrease in Heart Disease Risks
One of the reasons women may want to consider staying single is because of a potential decrease in the risk of heart disease. "People who have frequent negative interactions with the person to whom they feel closest may be at increased risk for heart disease," according to the Archives of Internal Medicine. If you look at the statistics for the number of divorces, couples going into financial ruin and so forth, one can easily see why women remain single instead of increasing their chances of being in negative interactions on a daily basis.

Fear of Men Who Cheat
Cheating men can destroy the trust factor in relationships. Past relationships with men who cheat is one of the reasons why women stay single. Getting into a relationship where men cheat is extremely hurtful and difficult to handle. If a woman chooses to remain single, she does not have to go through lessons learned the first time around.

According to the original Kinsey Reports, published more than 50 years ago, approximately 60 percent of men said they were unfaithful to their spouses before the age of 40, compared with 30 percent of women. Those numbers have remained pretty much the same in subsequent studies. If you go by these reports, it is no wonder that women stay single and wait until men are over 40 before they get into serious and committed relationships with them.

Focus on Careers
More women today are focusing on developing their careers rather than relationships. Career accomplishments bring them a strong sense of self-reliance, which enables them to focus on education and bettering themselves. When they are in relationships, they often feel pressured to focus on their families instead.

According to Science Careers magazine, one reason that women might have less confidence than men in their careers is the pressures that they face in raising a family. And many women choose a fulfilling career over a committed relationship today because they now have the freedom to make that choice.

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