How to Tell If a Boy Has a Crush on You

Do you know how to tell if a boy has a crush on you? If you're looking for teen dating help, keep in mind that the language between teen boys and teen girls is sometimes different. Depending on the boy's personality, the signals of attraction may be extremely subtle or more bold. Once you identify what type of boy you're dealing with, his words and actions are wide open to interpretation.

Different Boys
When a shy boy has a crush on a girl, he tends to worry about doing things that will cause him embarrassment should the object of his affection not return the feelings. The shy boy will send out lots of simple signals to see how they are received. If he gets positive feedback, he will get a little braver. A bold boy will usually be more open with flirting, affectionate gestures, hanging out and making his intentions more obvious.

Visual Clues
Initially, you may catch him looking at you and then quickly looking away. He may appear casually in all the same places you are. A boy may even wave or nod in your direction and then quickly get busy doing something else. Because boys are very visual, he will give a lot of clues about how he feels with his eyes. Of course, when he smiles at you and you smile back, that sends a signal that you are open to more contact from him.

Physical Clues
When you are talking to the boy, note whether he's leaning toward you or away from you. Body language is a good way to determine someone's true feelings. If he leans his head or body toward you when you talk, it's a sign he's really interested in what you are saying and wants to get closer. He may offer to carry something heavy for you, give you high fives or playfully shove when teasing. Repeated physical contact is another good way to measure his interests.

Annoying Clues
Because boys are generally intimidated by the girls they have a crush on, they may act in ways that are counterintuitive to getting to know a girl. To protect his ego, he may pretend to ignore you, even when he really does like you. Alternatively, a boy with a crush may go over the top to get your attention, sometimes by too much teasing or going overboard to be funny. He may even start to pay attention to your friends, in order to get closer to you.

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