How to Tell if a Girl Has a Crush on You

Wondering how to tell if a girl has a crush on you? Good luck. The dance of attraction is in motion when someone has a crush, but many objects of a crush never know about it. Crushes are usually a temporary state of intense interest, and they often fade as swiftly as they begin. Because a crush can be so intense, a girl may be too afraid to approach you to show her interest, but there are some signs to watch for.

Eye Contact
A girl who has a crush on you will give stealthy or overt attention by looking at you. She will observe you, and might make shy eye contact. She may look away suddenly or smile if you look at her when she is watching you. She may blush or laugh and look away, just to be caught looking at you again a few minutes later.

Following You
A girl with a crush may show up at the places you like to go, seemingly unexpectedly or coincidentally. She may be with her friends or otherwise occupied, but she is there for a single reason: to see you. She won't approach you or make advances toward you. She will want you to come to her.

Avoiding You
It's just as likely that she'll become completely flustered around you. She may duck into a doorway when she sees you in the hall or turn and walk the other way. If the two of you are friends, you may notice that she has difficulty talking to you or being around you. If you haven't done anything to hurt her feelings or annoy her, her behavior could be the result of a crush.

What Does She Want?
A crush is an indication that a girl wants to learn more about you, and finds you attractive. Crushes are usually temporary, and your response can determine when the crush will end. If you ignore her, she may write you off as a jerk. If you are rude to her, the same thing will happen.

The best response is to initiate a conversation with her. Don't ask her if she has a crush on you, because that's too bold. Usually a girl with a crush feels shy and embarrassed. Be nice if you are interested in her. Suggest going out on a date, but don't expect that it will turn into a lasting relationship. Some crushes do, but most don't.

If You're not Sure
If you're not sure if she has a crush, but want to find out, just start a conversation with her and be friendly. You might get around to asking her if she is seeing someone. This can lead to the suggestion of going on a date with her.

If you're not interested, be honest, tactful and kind. Tell her that you're not looking for someone to date, but you can always use more friends. If she doesn't get the message, get some teen dating help from your or her friends. Sometimes it's good to have a mutual friend, or someone she respects, defuse the situation on your behalf by telling her that you're not interested. That doesn't mean you should hide from her or duck your responsibility; tell her you just want to be friends on your own, then have your friends repeat that message if she's still swooning over you.

Most of all, be nice. Girls who have a crush tend to be sensitive, and can get hurt feelings easily.

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