How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Are you wondering how to tell if a girl likes you? Some girls will be harder to read than others, but there are some signs and signals you can use to find out. Here are some of the behaviors to look when you're trying to determine if a girl likes you in that special way.

Look at Her Face
A girl who likes you will often look at you more than usual. She might look away quickly if she catches you looking back, making a game of it. She may turn red when you walk by or if she is caught looking at you. She may laugh with her friends if she sees you looking at her.

Is She Around You Often?
You may find that she is showing up in many places that you go, to be around you more often. It may seem accidental, but it's actually carefully planned. She may be trying to find out if you like her too. If you talk to her or give her some attention, you'll send signals that you are interested.

Conversation Counts
Paying attention to you by talking, texting, e-mailing, calling or leaving you messages on your Facebook page are indications of attraction. She may joke, flirt, ask questions, or otherwise initiate conversations with you. All of these signals can be taken as signs that she likes you.

Casual Touch
She may brush your hand or arm when you are talking. It may seem accidental, but it isn't. Touching is a way of flirting and showing interest, and she will be observing you for a reaction. If you allow the touch, or touch back, she will take it as a sign that you're interested in her. If you pull away, she will know you are not interested. Be kind if you aren't interested, because it's easy for someone to feel rejected and hurt.

Talk to Your Friends
Some of the best teen dating help comes from people you know. Ask girls who you know if they think someone is interested in you. Don't ask the guys; they're more likely to say what you want to hear. Girls will often be very honest, and since they're clued in to the way they behave when they like someone, they can watch for subtle signs and tell you what they mean.

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