How to Tell If a Guy is Attracted to You

Wondering how to tell if a guy is attracted to you, especially if you are not sure if he's just being friendly or really wants to get to know you better? There are some pretty important body language signals that guys do when they are attracted to a girl, and they may not even realize they're doing anything. Give yourself some teen dating help on how to read a guy's body language and know if he's attracted to you. While any one of these signals alone isn't enough to tell, if you spot a handful taking place at once, chances are good that the guy is attracted or interested in you.

Facial Signs
A guy's face is the first place to look for attraction clues. Look at his eyebrows-if one or both are raised, that's a good sign that he feels some attraction. Subconsciously, he's signaling that he's open to you, and the raised eyebrows reflect that. Another clue is his lips. Slightly parted often signals attraction, while tightly closed or pursed means the opposite. Another facial clue is a slight flaring of the nostrils. If he makes and keeps eye contact with you, either from across the room or during a conversation, he's eager to take things to the next level of getting to know you.

Body Posture
In the animal kingdom, the males often put on a show for the females, preening and posturing. Humans are not that different, although the display is much more subtle. Seek out clues for male preening to determine that he's interested in more contact with you. Guys will subconsciously square their shoulders and stand with their feet about shoulder width. Often, a guy will tuck his thumbs into the belt loops or pockets of his pants, casually.

Look at his hands and feet. If they are pointing towards you, that's a signal that he's focusing on you. If he's sitting with you but facing sideways, it's less likely he's interested. An interested guy will almost never turn his back on the girl he likes, either. He will usually touch his face a few times, whether it's rubbing his ear or smoothing his hair. Adjusting clothing is another signal that he's preening for you.

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