How to Tell If a Guy Is Interested in You

Wondering how to tell if a guy is interested in you? This is one of the most common teen dating help questions. While you might think it's obvious as to whether or not he likes you, teenage guys can be pretty complex. They are also pretty afraid of being rejected, so many try to play it safe and act like there's no feelings there at all. Watch out for these signs in order to determine if a guy is really interested in you.

When a guy likes a girl, he will usually try to be in the same places as she is. If you are suddenly running into the guy in places you didn't expect, like outside your math classroom or at the bus stop, chances are he's putting himself in places where you'll likely be. Since men in general are visual creatures, he'll probably be watching you when he thinks you aren't looking. If you catch him staring at you or looking quickly away from you, these are signals that may indicate attraction.

Body Language
Look for clues in his body language. When a teenage guy is interested in a girl, he tends to touch his face a lot when talking. Notice if the guy rubs his chin, runs his fingers through his hair or even brushes his cheeks. It's his way of subconsciously showing you he's interested. Parted lips and a flushed face may also give away his feelings. If he smiles at you with his teeth showing, that's a good sign. A tight smile with no teeth may just mean he's being polite. Another sure sign is casual contact, like high fives, playful pushing and "accidental" touching, like bumping into you.

Interested guys will generally lean toward you when you converse and generally have their shoulders squared and head tilted, as if to catch every word you say. The conversation will generally center on you as he seeks to find out every detail. When guys aren't interested in a girl, the conversation often centers around his feelings or at least a neutral subject, like the weather. When he starts asking you what you thought about last week's math test or what you thought about the assembly earlier that day, he's trying to tell you that he wants to know what you think about things.

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