How to Tell if a Shy Girl Likes You

Determining how to tell if a shy girl likes you can be a real challenge. The signs are subtle, but they are there if you know where to look. By reading body language and social signs, you can tell if that shy girl has an attraction to you. 

Eye Contact
A shy girl may make furtive glances at you, quickly looking away if you meet her eyes. She may do this many times, or she may look down. If you see this happen repeatedly, it could be a sign that this shy girl likes you.

Red in the Face
She may blush if you talk to her or if she sees you looking at her. She may also turn red if her friends tease her or the two of you. She is shy, so attention may embarrass her, making her face turn red. If you see lots of blushing, she may be into you.

Her Friends
When she is with her friends, you may catch them looking at you too, or looking at you and then at her, and laughing. They may have knowing grins on their faces, and look like they have a secret. Her friends may also tell you that she likes you, because they know. Don't overlook her friends as a source of teen dating help in this situation. They know how she feels, so ask one of them for advice.

Talk to Her
Strike up a conversation. Try to get to know her better. You will be able to gauge her interest if you show your interest by being friendly. Don't be raunchy or too flirty; be genuine and friendly in order to draw her out of her shell a little. If she will continue the conversation, or you find that she is around you more often, that may be a sign that she is interested in you.

Don't be surprised if she's uncomfortable talking to you in a group of people. She may be quiet when others are around, and quite talkative if you can find time to be by yourselves. E-mail and telephone conversations are a great way to get to know a shy girl, because she can talk to you without worrying about others overhearing the conversation.

Develop a friendship with her. The more she knows you, the more she will let down her guard around you. You'll know if she likes you soon enough.

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