How to Tell if Someone Likes You

Knowing how to tell if someone likes you can be really hard. The signs range from subtle to direct, and there are as many ways to show attraction as there are people. Since people tend to have a personal way of showing they like you, you'll need to focus on general signs and then draw your own conclusions. When it comes to this part of teen dating, help from your friends can be very valuable. If you think someone likes you, ask friends for their opinion, or see if you know someone who can get some inside information.

Facial Clues
Someone who likes you will spend time looking at you, and making eye contact. She may be in the same room, with a different group of friends or at a different table, but she will steal glances in your direction, observing you from where she is situated. She may blush if you look back or smile. She may also suddenly burst into laughter with her friends after you return her eye contact.

If he initiates a conversation with you, either in person or by texting, calling or e-mail it could indicate interest. This is especially true if he goes out of his way to speak directly to you, getting to know you better and really giving you his attention. Paying attention directly to you is a sign that he is interested. This can include teasing, flirting, making jokes or asking you lots of questions. Sometimes a person will be bold and directly state his or her interest, or drop very big hints about going out and doing something together. If you are paying attention, you'll soon know if the other person is interested in you.

During a conversation, she might touch you briefly on your hand, arm or leg, and wait for your reaction. If you touch back, it indicates interest. If you back away, it shows you are not interested. This is a light, casual touch, not grabbing or being aggressive. If you feel uncomfortable, be sure to back away and make it clear that this attention is unwanted. Try not to be rude about this unless the other person fails to get the message. Teens are sensitive to rejection, and some will retaliate with anger, insults or false rumors. Be kind about not being interested.

So Does He Like Me?
All of these signs could simply mean that someone wants to be a friend. Someone who likes you might not show any of these signs, because she's too nervous.

You could directly ask if someone likes you, or just walk up to the person you like and tell him how you feel, but you'll need to be prepared for rejection if you do this. A less-traumatizing option is to find ways to be with the person you like. At school events and assemblies, try to sit near her and strike up a conversation.

Outside of school, schedule some group events with your friends and invite the person you like along. Going out in a group is great way to get to know people without the pressure of being on a date. If you're lucky, you might find him spending more time with you than anyone else. That's a great sign that he's interested.

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