How to Tell Someone You Love Them

Wondering how to tell someone you love them? Expressing love to someone special should be reserved for a time in the relationship where it is appropriate. There is a time and a place to tell someone you love them for the first time, but don't rush it. When the timing is right, it will seem natural rather than forced or pressured.

Love Versus Crush
Know the difference between love and a crush before you express your feelings to your boyfriend or girlfriend. When you've been dating exclusively for a while and are comfortable with each other, that's a sign that you are moving out of the crush phase of the relationship into something more meaningful.

With a crush, everything feels new and flirtatious. When you feel love, you feel protective, passionate and respectful of your partner. Crushes are usually based on physical attraction, while love is all about the whole person-mind, body and spirit. If you tell someone you love them too early in the relationship, it will seem insincere.

Make It Special
If you've decided that it's time to tell someone you love them, any teen dating help tips you get will tell you to turn these three words into a special occasion. Here's how:

Tell your special someone of your love at the end of a romantic date. After you've enjoyed an evening together, point out all the things you love about your date. Saying, "I love you" after such sincere compliments will make the confession endearing.

Plan on expressing your love by pairing it with a special gift. It doesn't have to be anything expensive-try a single red rose to reinforce the message. The red rose has long been a symbol of true love, so hand over the fragrant flower as you express your love.

Recreate the first date you went on together, whether it was at a certain movie theater or a certain picnic table at the park. Express why that place is so special, and let your date know how wonderful the time from that first date until now has been.

Make a music mix of love songs that remind you of your boyfriend or girlfriend. There are many classic songs as well as current hits that express feelings of love perfectly. Listen to the CD together, and see if your significant other can guess the theme of the CD. The rest will fall into place.

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