What is a Divorce Ring

Divorce rings aren't about wearing black and hiding in a cave. Instead, these rings symbolizes hope, freedom, and a new beginning. These rings help people gain closure, remember the past and move forward.

So why exactly is there a band to mark one's divorce? Well, with half or more of Americans getting divorced - the exact number depends on the perspective of your source - it's becoming more and more common. Marriage has a ceremony and a symbol to mark it, and divorce does too: the divorce ring.

Divorce rings come in a variety of sizes. The divorce ring can include everything from a simple band to a ring engraved with a heart split into two pieces. Other rings can include a symbol of the marriage: a hammer if the ex was a carpenter or an airplane if you want to be reminded of a trip you'd been on with your former spouse.

Ultimately, the kind of ring you invest in depends on the kind of divorce you had. If the divorce was amicable, the ring might be more neutral or full of hope. If the divorce or marriage was messy, the ring might be a reminder for how to live life.

Divorce rings can be worn on any finger. Some people choose to wear the ring on the third finger of their right hand to symbolize the opposite of marriage. Others wear the ring on their middle fingers as a humorous send-off to their exes.

The rings are not about staying in the past. Instead, they mark a person's transition into a new life, a new chapter for one's life. Like a high school or college ring, divorce rings allow one to see where they've been while they walk into the future.

And lastly, the divorce ring is a message to the outside world. It says that a person is not only divorced but they are now available and are now free. A marriage ring shows that you are taken, and divorce rings mark one's divorce. These rings tell the world that you are free.

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