The Effects of an Absent Parent in a Childs Life


A lot of parents are trying to run away from their responsibility when they get a divorce. They get so caught up in their selves they forget the damage the are doing to their children. Divorce is an intense stressful experience not only for the parents, but for any child, regardless of their age.

The children have to get used to one parent being in their lives part time, and this is if they'?'re lucky. Some parents just like to disappear from the picture all together. They may send monthly child support payments if it is forced on them, or an occasional birthday card, when feeling guilty of course. Children are innocent victims of their parents' past mistakes, and that does not make it okay to run and hide.

It?'s a very traumatic experience for any child to go through life with an absent parent, regardless of age. They may develop insecurities, helplessness, and anger issues may arouse. They may become bullies at school, due to the hurt they have build up from the absent parent not being in their life. They may be the one that is bullied, due to the insecurities they have from the absent parent not being present.

It effects the children in many other ways also. They may become depressed and withdraw themselves from any social activities. They may experience learning difficulties, or aggression may arouse toward parents, teachers, and siblings. Feelings of hopelessness may bring forth thoughts of suicide. They are more likely to be referred to a psychologist for help. They are also more likely to become sexually active at a very young age (this is most likely for girls without a father).

Which ever the case may be, every parent should think real hard before deciding to get a divorce. If the situation is getting out of control, due to abuse, neglect, or addiction, then the children will probably be better off without the other parent .

Just remember a few things. You?''re still their parent, so please act like a responsible parent. You must still discipline them when needed, and try to protect them from all harm. Do not lean on your child for support, but do provide them with support as often as needed. Don?''t with hold visitation from the absent parent. If there'?'s drug addiction, abuse, or neglect is an issue then have it supervised by a responsible party. If all possible do try to respect the absent parent, and do not put the absent parent down in front of the children. This could make them hate you in return.

Last, but not least, do try your best to have fun with your children. Try to see the world through their eyes again, and remember what it was like to be a kid yourself. Remember laughter is the key to true happiness. After all parents are like god, in the eyes of a child.

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