Getting a Quickie Divorce

The end of a marriage is no small event. It's normal to feel pain over divorce, and, because of this, it's normal to want a quickie divorce so you can get it over with. If you and your spouse are both in agreement about making this a fast and easy process, then you won't have to spend months in negotiation or have to deal with huge lawyers' bills.

Make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page about the terms of the divorce. If you can negotiate who will receive what assets and decide on an appropriate custody arrangement (if you have children), then having a quickie divorce will be that much easier. If you and your spouse can't communicate verbally, try working these things out through e-mail or through letters.

If you think that you and your loved one need a mediator or if you and your spouse can't come to an agreement on custody or asset allocation, then a quickie divorce may not be right for you. Oftentimes, people want quickie divorces because they are eager to remarry.

The next step to a quickie divorce is researching cities, states and countries that offer fast divorces. Las Vegas, and Nevada as a whole, not only offer quick weddings, but they also offer quick divorces. Some countries also offer quick divorces. To make a divorce in another country legal, all distribution of assets must be agreed upon by both spouses. In some countries, a divorce can take a few days.

Make sure that, if you decide to go to another state or country for a quickie divorce, you check to see if it's legal or recognized by your own state or country. You don't want to go through all of the steps to a divorce only to find out you have to do it all over again.

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Unfortunately, for many individuals in the United States, divorce is a fact of life. Of course, the divorce process can be terribly emotional and stressful and you may have many divorce questions. However, the better you understand the divorce process, the less painful it can be.

Filing for divorce is a painful step, but there are advantages to being the first to do so if divorce is clearly in your future.

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Finding out how to get a restraining order is not as daunting a task as it may seem. A restraining order is a court order that protects you by ordering a person to stay away from you and thus protect you from pain or injury. It can order a person to move out of the house, stay away from you or to not enter your house. Filing a restraining order may also be important in child custody matters in that it may temporarily alter the custody arrangement.

To put an end to a marriage officially, you have two options: annulment or divorce. Annulment law basically states that you can, under certain conditions, cancel a marriage. Legally, the marriage is said to have never have existed and was never valid. A divorce is the legal end of a marriage.
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