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Learning how to make friends online isn't nearly as daunting as you might think. In fact, it's often easier than face to face if you know where to look.
By Rachel Mork
When the time comes to end a lost friendship, it may be difficult to navigate, but it can be handled with class, and you can move on with your life.
By Lisa Bower
Broken friendship quotes might just make the pain of a broken friendship dissipate, if only a little.
By Laura Evans
Here, five stealthy ways that your pals can help you meet even more great people.
By Kimberly Dawn Neumann
Friendship is one of the most important connections that people have. Some of the factors that influence our friendships include trust, common interests, common values, and a mutual understanding of each others' needs.
By Elton Gahr
No matter the reason you are leaving a job, writing farewell letters to coworkers is a good idea, especially if you want to stay on their good side following your departure and if you want to thank them for the time you spend together. A farewell letter should be short, specific and informative.
By Lisa Bower
Distance and time can be tough on a friendship, but they don't have to be.It takes effort to maintain any relationship, but, if you're willing to put the work into it, a friendship can last a long time.
By Tina Callison
Friendship crafts celebrate the special bond you and another have forged over time. Honor your friend with a creative craft.
By Lisa Bower
If you've got a friend in mind that you wouldn't mind getting tangled up in the sheets with, consider the pros and cons of being FWB (friends with benefits) before you give it a go.
By Nichole Smith
Some people have an easy time making friends. Wherever they go, these charming, gregarious people end up chatting to some new stranger and getting invitations to a club, party, or secretive cult.
By Alexandra Heep
The best ways to make friends easily are remarkably simple, as they simply showcase your strengths and allow for maximum enjoyment.
By Victoria Welch
What might seem like a friendship on the surface can easily be a relationship in which one friend is being taken for granted by another. Learn to spot the red friendship flags of being used.
By Victoria Welch
You're busy with your young child or children all day as a teacher, caretaker, cook, and playmate. Being a stay-at-home mom is a 24-hour a day job and, although you're never alone, you may get lonely - for adult company in particular.
By Marie Lorraine
The old saying is true: good friends are hard to find. It can be hard to not only maintain friendships but also to determine if a friendship is a healthy one. There are many qualities of a good friend to consider, and the following are just a few you should consider when spending time with old friends and making new ones.
By Lisa Bower
Are your friends, your go-to people for dating advice, giving you the wrong suggestions?
By Lydia Nicoll
Little girls trade Barbie clothes and teenagers share secrets and dreams, but what do women do to keep their friendships alive and flourishing? Although we vow never to lose touch, we and our female companions disappear down separate paths as we begin pursuing careers and having families and lives of our own.
By Mary P Ivy
As humans one of our most basic needs is friendship. The emotional connections forged through our experiences with our friends can shape our very lives. Your friends can serve as protectors shielding you from trouble, or also as your guides opening your eyes to new experiences that will forever enrich your life.
By Todd Pheifer
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