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Ending a relationship, even if you've only dated a few times, can be tough. How do you get the job done without hurting the other person's feelings? What if you're being too low-key and the message isn't registering? Here is a sign-by-sign guide to the graceful way to say goodbye.
By Barrie Dolnick
Like any relationship, friendships require effort, especially if you think a friend has betrayed you. You need to know not only how to repair a broken friendship but also how to tell when you should just let it go.
By Jody Morse
No matter the reason you are leaving a job, writing farewell letters to coworkers is a good idea, especially if you want to stay on their good side following your departure and if you want to thank them for the time you spend together. A farewell letter should be short, specific and informative.
By Lisa Bower
Broken friendship quotes might just make the pain of a broken friendship dissipate, if only a little.
By Laura Evans
If you've just moved or have been busy, you might want to open up your social circle and make new friends. By getting involved in activities that interest you, you'll find it easier to start conversations with people whose interests are similar to yours.
By Tina Callison
So, your girlfriend's best buds are always giving you "dirty" looks. They're constantly badmouthing you to your lady, or sabotaging your plans. You have come to the devastating conclusion that they don't like you at all.
By Janet Grischy
When the time comes to end a lost friendship, it may be difficult to navigate, but it can be handled with class, and you can move on with your life.
By Lisa Bower
One class I wish I had taken in college was "Work Gossip 101." While this class probably does not exist, it should. I no longer work in an office setting, but I remember the damage of idle gossip very clearly. When my friends have complaints about their jobs, it's seldom related to the job itself.
By Stephanie Banfield
Some people have an easy time making friends. Wherever they go, these charming, gregarious people end up chatting to some new stranger and getting invitations to a club, party, or secretive cult.
By Alexandra Heep
If you want to meet new friends, it comes down to putting yourself out there and making a good first impression.
By Rachel Mork
As humans one of our most basic needs is friendship. The emotional connections forged through our experiences with our friends can shape our very lives. Your friends can serve as protectors shielding you from trouble, or also as your guides opening your eyes to new experiences that will forever enrich your life.
By Todd Pheifer
Good friends are hard to find. Fortunately, universally recognized symbols of friendship are in much greater supply.
By Lisa Bower
Not everyone approaches friendship with the same attitude.
By Diane Quinn
Fake friends will take advantage of you and talk behind your back. Learn to spot this type of person to save headaches and heartaches.
Learn how to make friendship bracelets. They are great crafts for the people in your life. These gifts are personal, creative and they show the person you've taken the time to make her something unique.
By Lisa Bower
Friendship sayings are often famous quotes that help remind you just how special your friends are.
By Lisa Bower
The old saying is true: good friends are hard to find. It can be hard to not only maintain friendships but also to determine if a friendship is a healthy one. There are many qualities of a good friend to consider, and the following are just a few you should consider when spending time with old friends and making new ones.
By Lisa Bower
With friendship tattoos, you will always remember your friend and will be reminded of the good times you have shared together.
By Lisa Bower
Making a friend requires making an effort, and don’t underestimate the power of a smile. Expand your social circle with these tips.
By Conny Manero
If you take the time to consider how you convey sympathy and consider the personality of your friend, then you can not only show your friend respect but also show them that you truly care.
By Lisa Bower
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