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Fake friends will take advantage of you and talk behind your back. Learn to spot this type of person to save headaches and heartaches.
Sometimes the hurt one inflicts upon another is deliberate. Sometimes it's unintentional. Either way, the pain can be deep and haunting. We can become consumed by this pain, the resentment, the anger and forgiveness doesn't even seem to be an option - but, it is.
By Elton Gahr
Learn five ways in which friendship can enrich your life.
By Philip Lop
Ending a relationship, even if you've only dated a few times, can be tough. How do you get the job done without hurting the other person's feelings? What if you're being too low-key and the message isn't registering? Here is a sign-by-sign guide to the graceful way to say goodbye.
By Barrie Dolnick
Love him, hate his buddies? Here's how to make peace with them - or get them out of the picture.
By Chelsea Kaplan
Good friends are hard to find. Fortunately, universally recognized symbols of friendship are in much greater supply.
By Lisa Bower
Leave town for awhile? Sure! Get a totally new hairstyle? Well, maybe not. Here, the best - and worst - impulses to pursue in the wake of heartbreak.
By Laura Schaefer
Why do relationships work? Many long-term romances are built on a solid base of respect, admiration, communication and friendship. Because long-term friendships have a similar base, you may wake up one day and want to be more than friends.
By Lisa Bower
For many people ending a friendship can be as emotionally draining as ending a romantic relationship. You still lose someone with whom you have countless in-jokes. You may live or have lived together and must leave that closeness in the past.
By Alexandra Heep
Friendship crafts celebrate the special bond you and another have forged over time. Honor your friend with a creative craft.
By Lisa Bower
The best ways to make friends easily are remarkably simple, as they simply showcase your strengths and allow for maximum enjoyment.
By Victoria Welch
Here are 10 ways to learn how to make friends easily if you are moving to a new town or want to make a new group of friends. If a person has live in the same area all of their life, been in college for quite some time, or is used to having friends around them, it can be difficult to know where to start, but these tips can help.
By Lisa Bower
Friendship is one of the most important connections that people have. Some of the factors that influence our friendships include trust, common interests, common values, and a mutual understanding of each others' needs.
By Elton Gahr
Wondering how to deal with an ex in the office? Getting through that breakup when you see each other every day can be a real challenge, but these tips will help.
By Alice Langholt
Forgiveness isn't easy, but it can do wonders for you and your relationships.
By Neil Bartlett
One class I wish I had taken in college was "Work Gossip 101." While this class probably does not exist, it should. I no longer work in an office setting, but I remember the damage of idle gossip very clearly. When my friends have complaints about their jobs, it's seldom related to the job itself.
By Stephanie Banfield
Some people have an easy time making friends. Wherever they go, these charming, gregarious people end up chatting to some new stranger and getting invitations to a club, party, or secretive cult.
By Alexandra Heep
Are your friends, your go-to people for dating advice, giving you the wrong suggestions?
By Lydia Nicoll
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