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Popular Articles
The best vitamin for making friends is B1.
By Minnie Chatterfield
Just what I always wanted, my own little bunny rabbit. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him. Hugo, the Abominable Snowman
By Minnie Chatterfield
Good friends are hard to find. Fortunately, universally recognized symbols of friendship are in much greater supply.
By Lisa Bower
Love him, hate his buddies? Here's how to make peace with them - or get them out of the picture.
By Chelsea Kaplan
Did you know that your best pal can reveal what kind of person you'll click with romantically? Learn all about it here.
By Mackenzie Dawson
If you take the time to consider how you convey sympathy and consider the personality of your friend, then you can not only show your friend respect but also show them that you truly care.
By Lisa Bower
One class I wish I had taken in college was "Work Gossip 101." While this class probably does not exist, it should. I no longer work in an office setting, but I remember the damage of idle gossip very clearly. When my friends have complaints about their jobs, it's seldom related to the job itself.
By Stephanie Banfield
Not everyone approaches friendship with the same attitude.
By Diane Quinn
Office gossip can be juicy, but it is damaging to the career of the gossip and the person being gossiped about. It may also harm those who listen, comment, or spread the rumors. Avoid it at all costs.
By Alice Langholt
As humans one of our most basic needs is friendship. The emotional connections forged through our experiences with our friends can shape our very lives. Your friends can serve as protectors shielding you from trouble, or also as your guides opening your eyes to new experiences that will forever enrich your life.
By Todd Pheifer
Learn how to make friendship bracelets. They are great crafts for the people in your life. These gifts are personal, creative and they show the person you've taken the time to make her something unique.
By Lisa Bower
We all get by with a little help from our friends. Even some of the most famous people in history have counted on others. Famous best friends have helped to shape the world we know today.
By Lisa Bower
Broken friendship quotes might just make the pain of a broken friendship dissipate, if only a little.
By Laura Evans
Wondering how to deal with an ex in the office? Getting through that breakup when you see each other every day can be a real challenge, but these tips will help.
By Alice Langholt
Here, five stealthy ways that your pals can help you meet even more great people.
By Kimberly Dawn Neumann
What can you do when these two camps of very important people in your life just don't get along? Here's advice.
By Hillary Quinn
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