Symbols for Friendship Tattoos

Friendship tattoos are a popular way for friends to honor one another. You can have matching tattoos done or can have a tattoo inked in honor of the important friend or friends in your life. With a friendship tattoo, a person will always remember her friend and will be reminded of the good times they have shared together. Good friends are memories are similar to tattoos. They last for a lifetime. The following are some symbols to consider when deciding on which friendship tattoo to have done.

There are preexisting symbols that represent friendship. One popular choice is the eternal friendship knot. This tattoo is a sign for a friendship what will last for a lifetime, involving an infinity sign with a diamond over the mid-ground. Other universal signs for friendship tattoos include the Claddagh, an Irish symbol for love and friendship or the Chinese symbol for friendship.

If two friends want matching friendship tattoos, they should consider tattoos that relate to the idea of a pair or match. For example, puzzle pieces, the sun and the moon, and a key and lock are universal symbols for friendship because the pairings are essential to one another.

If you and your friend want to have matching tattoos done, consider how to best articulate or remember what you share. If the two of you met at a play or musical, you could have a line from the piece inked on each of you. Important dates and memories are the perfect way to plan a friendship tattoo. If the two of you went on a vacation, think about having something about this place inked.

Another popular friendship tattoo idea is to have an important quotation inked. This is a classic way to pay tribute to a friend or friendship. Song lyrics, poems and quotations about friendship are just some of the popular ideas people use to honor their friends and friendships. 

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