How to Help a Friend Through a Divorce or Break Up

Break ups can be traumatizing. To cope, a person will need their friends and family members to rally around them. When people are at their lowest, the smallest of gestures can mean the world. Remember that your friend will be dealing with feelings of rejection and will need kindness, compassion, break up advice and, most important of all, some of your time. It's important for you to know how to help a friend through a divorce or a break up.

Don't let your friend stay home and wallow about the loss of their relationship. Instead, do your best to get them out of the house. If you keep your friend busy, they have less time to shovel their spoon into a pint of ice cream, play sad songs on repeat or sink into a depression.

Listen to your friend when they talk about the break up and the ex. Your friend needs to process their feelings and will need someone who won't judge them. Your job is to listen, encourage and affirm. Beware: You may have to listen to the same stories a number of times.

Do small things for your friend. Send them flowers, write them short e-mails and letters, and call and text when you can. Your friend may feel as if no one cares, and this is your chance to show them that they may have lost a romantic relationship but they aren't alone.

Help them remove traces of the ex from the home. This is an important step, and it's best if it's done with a friend nearby. If you do take friend out, avoid places that they went with the ex, or you will stir up some bad memories. Don't let your friend sink into stalker mode or key the ex's car. Revenge is a temporary high, and it can't end well.

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