How to Avoid Unhealthy Friendships

Unhealthy friendships can not only make you feel bad about yourself, but they can inhibit your ability make healthy friendships, grow as a person and succeed in life. In short, unhealthy friendships can hold you back, but ending a friendship is easier said than done. Thus, it is important to learn how to avoid these kinds of friendships so that you can surround yourself with people who support and motivate you to be a better person.

The people around you say a lot about who you are. Thus, if you have less than savory friends, it can not only make you unhappy but it can give other people a negative impression of who you are and what your goals are like. Think about how you go about befriending people and the patterns that have formed. If you can see where you are going wrong in the first place, it can help you avoid unhealthy friendships and help you to instead surround yourself with friendships that make you feel good and empower you to be the best you can be.

Consider where you are meeting unhealthy people. If you are friends with people out of loyalty or making friends in places like bars, it might be time to try a change of scenery. Think about your interests and how to find people with similar ones. If you like books, try joining book clubs, and if you are religious, look for a church that offers activities to help people make new friends.

Listen to how you feel when you are around people. If you are meeting a person and they are constantly negative or cruel to other people, try to back away before the two of you become friends right away. First impressions aren't everything, but if a person makes you feel bad about yourself or has destructive behaviors, then you need to consider if this person can really be your friend.

Lastly, back away from people who are not healthy for you so that you can live a stress free life. This doesn't mean you have to tell the person you never want to be friends, but it does mean that you stand up for yourself, demand to be treated well, and avoid situations and behaviors that make you uncomfortable.

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