How to Reconnect With People

Do you want to reconnect with long lost friends or family members? Many people feel like it's a lost cause or too hard to do. What people don't realize, however, is that reconnecting with a childhood sweetheart or your favorite third cousin with whom you lost touch with after a family divorce might not be as difficult as you thought. In many cases, it is more than worth the effort.

Do a Preliminary Search
The Internet is the absolute best place to start searching for your old friends. Many people can now reconnect on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Classmates, MySpace or Twitter. These sites allow for people far away to stay connected with the sharing of pictures, information and conversation. You can find people by doing name searches, school searches or by browsing mutual friends or people belonging to certain regional networks.

Doing a name search on a search engine can provide a lot of information on people you're looking to reconnect with. Anything from news articles to school sports team rosters can pop up, and these clips can contain the name of the person for whom you are searching. If you have trouble finding the specific person, it is just as easy to find mutual friends or family members that you can contact for additional information.

Go to your high school reunions or alumni events at your college. Return to your hometown and reconnect at a local festival. You will probably run into a few people you really cared about back in the day, and this can lead to re-establishing some close friendships.

What to Do Once You Find Who You're Looking For
In older times, searching for and contacting someone from your past may have seemed slightly creepy, if only because tracking down that person required so much time and effort. Today it tends to be seen as a great form of flattery!

An old friend will probably be pleasantly surprised to hear from you after many years. Send her an e-mail or Facebook message and get her phone number. Don't be worried about not having anything in common anymore or nothing to talk about. You share a history - that's a conversation piece right there. Updating each other and what you've missed will have you talking nonstop.

If you have tracked down a family member with whom you've lost touch, remember that blood is thicker than water. He might be excited to reconnect with you because that can lead him to reconnecting with other members of the family.

After the Reunion
Once you reconnect with someone from your past, don't lose them again! The devices you used to find this person don't shut off after you've initiated a new relationship. Use these tools to keep in touch and updated on each other's lives. If someone was important to you growing up, don't be afraid to look for her and figure out what she's been doing all this time. Even if your high school love turns out to now be happily married and there's definitely no chance for you two, you will feel satisfied just knowing you found her.

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