Qualities of a Good Friend

The old saying is true: good friends are hard to find. It can be hard to not only maintain friendships but also to determine if a friendship is a healthy one. There are many qualities of a good friend to consider, and the following are just a few you should consider when spending time with old friends and making new ones.

Trust is one of the basic tenants of friendship. If you can't trust a friend, how good are they really? Thus, do you think your friends would check up on you if you were in ill or if someone close to you died? Do you trust your friends with personal information? A good friend should be one that you can talk to without worrying if the information will get out or as if they will judge you.

One of the basic qualities of a good friend is whether she listens to you. If you are having a tough day, need advice, or are confused about something, a good friend should be someone who will not only listen to you talk but will try and help you work through the issues. If a person interrupts you or constantly turns the issue back on themselves, then they may not be the best friend for you.

A good friend should be supportive of you, but they shouldn't be a mimic or a puppet. Thus, you do not want a bunch of "Yessers" in your life: The kind of people who go along with everything you say and do. Instead, you want people in your life who are supportive of your choices but also willing to tell you when they disagree with you or are worried about you. Friends are often the people who help a person get out of bad behaviors or patterns or can protect them from doing things like going home with the wrong person. Thus, you need friends who are willing to stand up to you as long as they have your best intentions at heart.

Lastly, one of the tell tale signs of a good friend is how one feels around him or her. Thus, if you end up leaving your friend feeling bad about yourself or feeling down or angry, they may not be the best person to have around you. You should feel good when you spend time with a friend, and if you consistently do not, then something may be wrong.

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