Symbols of Friendship

There are many symbols of friendship to mark or remember the bond between two people. The old saying is true: good friends are hard to find. Thus, if you want to find an image to print everywhere from a letter to a gift to even your body, you should consider some of the following symbols of friendship.

One popular or familiar symbol of friendship is actually a commonplace pair of objects: puzzle pieces. If two people feel as though they understand one another and have been friends for quite some time, it's normal to think of puzzle pieces to represent this bond.

Ultimately, pairs of anything are symbols for friendship. After all, many people feel lost if they do not have their friend and the same can be true of one of a pair goes missing. Think about a table with salt but no pepper or what it's like to open a drawer and see one sock but not two.

Giving flowers doesn't have to just be about romantic love: There are also flowers that symbolize friendship. One popular flower to give that represents this is the yellow rose. The bright yellow flower's warm color is universally accepted as a token of joy and friendship.

Another well-known symbol for friendship is the Claddagh, an Irish symbol for love. The ring is known for love, but it is also given to symbolize or honor friendship. The ring involves two hands clasping a heart. The hands themselves represent friendship.

Often, to represent friendship, people use Chinese characters or symbols to mark the relationship they have to another person. Lastly, the eternal friendship knot is a simple design that represents friendship. The colors of the symbol can be personalized to the people involved but the image's basic design is the same: an infinity sign with a diamond-shape. 

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