Ways to Cheer Up a Friend

When a friend is in pain, it's only natural to want to cheer them up. Friends can be the crutch people need to get through a rough patch in their lives. After all, when you're upset, it helps to know there is at least one person in the world who is there when you need to cheer up.

Don't underestimate the power of words. When someone is having a bad day, just calling to check up on them or giving a compliment can make someone's whole day that much better. Try sending your friend a short e-mail or slipping a thoughtful card into their pocket.

You can also give your friend a small gift. You don't have to break the bank to cheer your friend up, but giving them a book, a movie or even a meal can make all the difference when they are sad. Think about your friend's interests when choosing a gift. If they have a sweet tooth, consider sending them cookies. If your friend loves musicals, consider giving them the movie version of a performance or a soundtrack. You can't be with your friend around the clock, but a small gift will occupy their time and will remind your friend that you care.

Make sure to get your friend out of the house. Don't let them grump around their home all day long. Instead, make plans with them, especially on important dates linked to their unhappiness. For example, if they're suffering from a breakup, go out with them on an anniversary. If your friend doesn't want to leave the house, consider staying in and watching a film or cooking a meal together. Staying active is the best way to avoid depression, and, if you are around to motivate your friend into action, you will help cheer up your friend.

Check in on your friend from time to time. They may not want to bother you, but, if you call and ask how they're doing, it can make all the difference. Stay in contact with your friend as much as possible.

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