Easy Ways to Meet New Friends After a Move

Looking to meet new friends and develop a social circle of your own? While meeting new friends can be stressful, it can also be a lot of fun. Try to think of it as a time to interview the many people out there, looking for the perfect person to fit the job requirements of the position open: that of being your friend. Don't be afraid to be picky, and don't worry about how long it may take for you to find the right person. Just plug away, initiating with new people until you meet friends that truly suit you.

Take a Walk in Your New Neighborhood
Go for a regular walk through your new neighborhood and introduce yourself to neighbors as you pass by. The more you are outside, the more people will initiate with you, and soon you'll find yourself chatting comfortably with your new neighbors. From there you can initiate inviting a neighbor over for a cup of coffee or a couple over for dinner.

Make Yourself Visible
Insert yourself into the community right away. Join a committee, volunteer in an organization, or run for a position; whatever you do, make it obvious that you are vested in your new community and are eager to be noticed. By taking an interest in the local goings on, you will connect with other people who care about the area.

Join a Local Organization
Join the local fitness center and attend classes, attend a religious organization's services, or sign up for a sports team or league. By getting out of your home and into social settings, you'll interact with the people who live around you that share your same passions.

Volunteer at Your Child's School
If you've got children, use those connections to help you make connections of your own. Spend time in the classrooms, meet other parents through the PTA, go to after-school functions with your child, and initiate playdates for your child. While you're meeting these parents, set up a coffee date or two for yourself with another mom or dad with whom you sense possible compatibility.

Invite Co-Workers Out After Work
The workplace is perhaps one of the easiest places to meet new friends. Initiate conversation about work-related topics, then look for opportunities to expand the conversation to other subjects. Initiate a trip to the local bar for a happy hour or invite a coworker to walk with you during your lunch break so you can socialize and get some exercise simultaneously. Host a part for your co-workers and their significant others at your new place or initiate dinner and a movie with a coworker who shares your taste. Look for areas of commonality, like a shared interest in playing tennis or a hankering for Mexican food at lunchtime. Don't be afraid to initiate; you are out to meet new friends, right? It takes assertiveness to make new friendships happen.

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