Ways to Make Friends Easily

When people brainstorm ways to make friends easily, they tend to make things way more complicated than need be. The truth of the matter is that showcasing your strengths in your most natural environments is really the single best way to extend your social circles. As such, finding friends really comes down to exploring your own personal interests.

Friends of Friends
Your friends are some of the people who know you best. They understand your quirks, strengths, even the little things that turn you off. This also means that they are great judges of character who can help hook you up with other great people they know.

If you are on the lookout for new friends, it never hurts to ask your pals if they know anyone with whom you'd click. Explain that you're looking for some cool new people to meet and you'd love any suggestions they might have. People often forget that people they know don't necessarily know each other; making a friend connection request can serve as a reminder and prompt an introduction at a party or night out.

Get Active with Activities
If you want to meet new friends, now is the time to finally sign up for that class you've been meaning to take or that club you've wanted to join. Sharing an interest is an easy first step into cultivating a friendship with someone, and a thirst for knowledge is always an attractive quality in a friend. Not only do you get the opportunity to establish a regular rapport with people, you get the added bonus of indulging a personal passion.

Test Your Comfort Zone
Have you ever been invited to a party and realized that the host is the only person on the guest list you know? It can be scary to walk into such an environment, so much so that many people will decline the invitation. If you put a brave face on and accept the invite, however, you have an easy opportunity to engage in conversation and possibly make some new friends along the way.

Remember that you do have a connection with the other guests: a shared friend or acquaintance. As such, greet a prospective friend with a cheerful introduction and then inquire about how she knows the host. In many respects, it may feel like a first date conversation, but in a way, it is just that. You are testing the waters to see if there is a friendly relationship or connection.

Get Goofy
In many respects, making friends as adults feels as awkward as when you were young: you want people to like you, you don't want them to laugh at you. Instead of coming across as aloof, embrace your silly side and try something that will instantly break the ice. Head to a bar for its regular karaoke night - you can either step up to the microphone or bond with others while providing audience backup to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" or another classic karaoke hit. Without the façade of trying to be cool, you'll be exchanging names and laughter in no time.

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