Co-Workers: Friends or Enemies?

Professional relationships can be tricky, particularly since there are so many workplace dynamics that can occur in a vocational setting. Ideally, people will get along with their co-workers, simply because you have to see these individuals every day and it makes life a lot easier when drama is minimized. However, there are all different kinds of relationships in the office. Some of these connections are positive, while others leave something to be desired. Can people in the office be friends? In addition, is it inevitable that enemies will develop in a professional setting?


It can certainly be nice to have friends in the office. Friends in the office may be individuals who enjoy being together, working in groups and hanging out together at lunch or on the weekends. The caution with pursuing friendships with co-workers is that close relational ties may cloud professional expectations. In addition, information that is shared with co-workers that are also friends may eventually end up being circulated around the office, particularly if the relationship changes over time.


The word enemy is fairly strong, particularly since it signals a strong negative emotion between two people. There are certainly people who become enemies in the office, either due to personality differences, misunderstandings or general competition. While some individuals find competition with others to be an interesting challenge, it is difficult to deal with genuinely negative relationships. Therefore, professionals should do their best to resolve conflict or at least get to a point of general tolerance.

Somewhere in the middle

In order to maintain a healthy distance from people, some individuals try to keep relationships on a professional level. This may be less fun, but it can also help minimize conflict and personality clashes. Whenever people build relationships with colleagues, they should have a sense of the future, and how this connection may unfold if things change.

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