Clever Work Pranks That Won't Cost You Your Job

A few harmless work pranks can really liven things up at the office when the days get long and dreary. However, there's a difference between pulling funny work pranks and crossing the line to inappropriate, hurtful or harmful behavior. Use these ideas to pull clever office pranks that won't get you fired.

  1. Fiddle with the computer. There are plenty of things that you can do to a co-worker's computer that are harmlessly funny work pranks. Whether you remove the roller ball from his mouse, darken the monitor so it looks turned off or unplug the keyboard, you'll bring a burst of laughter to an otherwise dull day. Set the screen saver to scroll a cryptic message, such as "I'm watching you" or "Help me! I need some maintenance!"
  2. Crank calling. Whether you have someone call a co-worker to place a ridiculous order or you leave a message for them to call a fake person, crank calls can be hilarious if done right. A classic crank call is to leave a call back message with a co-worker for a "Mr. Bhear" with the phone number of the zoo. When the co-worker calls, he'll feel more sheepish than bearish.
  3. Rearrange office furniture. This requires staying late the night before, but you can move the desk to face a new way, put the pen holder and other office supplies onto the book shelf and the wastebasket in the opposite corner. Just be prepared to help put it back in order when the co-worker comes in the next day.
  4. Glue crazy. Use glue to create a bevy of good pranks. Glue all of your co-workers pen lids on. Glue a paper clip to the paper clip holder on the copy machine so the last clip creates frustration. You could also glue the coffee mug in place. Make sure you are using water-soluble glue for good pranks, not permanent adhesive.
  5. Food fight. Bring in a delicious treat that will have co-workers drooling. However, the food may not be what it seems. Buy a box of donuts several days in advance and let them sit out until they're really stale. Then, bring them to work to sit near the coffee maker. Or, bring cupcakes made of meat loaf, frosted with colored mashed potatoes. Poke tiny pinholes in a few of the Styrofoam cups for the water cooler and watch co-workers experience drinking problems. Bring chips, salsa and guacamole, but mix in wasabi with the green stuff for a real kick. 
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