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Popular Articles
Can I file for a divorce myself? Is there anyway to avoid bringing lawyers into the mess? Learn whether taking a lawyer-free approach will make the divorce process simpler or whether your best of intentions will only complicate matters.
By Rachel Mork
The maid of honor is usually delegated the duty of organizing a bridal shower and to make sure that the party is as perfect as the bride could have hoped for if she'd arranged it herself. A dubious honor sometimes, because it can be so nerve-wracking.
By Aisling Ash
After dating for a long period of time, the two of you should sit down and talk about your commitment expectations for the relationship.
By Lisa Bower
Wedding receptions don't have to be predictable formal affairs. It's okay and more memorable if you inject a little surprising fun into the reception with some wedding reception games.
By Alice Langholt
If you're interested in resolving relationship trust issues, you may find these suggestions helpful.
By Rachel Mork
Ever wonder why men stare at women? This is typical of a male, and yet there is not necessarily one answer.
By Crystal Eynon
After a breakup, it's logical that you wonder about the following question: "How can I make my ex want me back?" If you play your cards right, you can make your ex fall for you all over again. The key is to keep your self pride, live your life and show him or her exactly what it is they're missing. All is not lost after a breakup; things are just a bit up in the air.
By Lisa Bower
Believe it or not, smart singles have begun flexing their brain power at singles' spelling bees. A look inside the latest way to meet a mate.
By Laura Gilbert
If you follow the steps to marriage separation reconciliation, you can not only save your marriage, but leave it stronger than ever before. Learn how to work things out and improve your bond.
By Lisa Bower
Monday: "You're so helpful...I love that!" Tuesday: "Why do you care? Why do you have to give an opinion on this? Why do you even CARE??!!" There actually aren't enough exclamation points on the last sentence but you get the drift.
By Simon Wright
If you're not part of a couple, why not get out there and make the most of the celebrations? Here's how.
By Stephen F. Milioti
Learn how to decorate for a backyard wedding and get ideas for dealing with the challenges that an outdoor wedding can present.
By Alice Langholt
Making your loved one a gift is one of the most personal ways you can say that you care. This shows that you've given some real thought and energy to your present. Crafts make great romantic gift ideas and offer a chance to show you care and to give a truly personalized craft to the person you care about..
By Lisa Bower
You've been looking forward to this evening all week. You've picked out your outfit, the reservations are set… and you're so nervous you can barely breathe. Sure, it's normal to feel flutters before a date but did you know there are ways to put yourself at ease and boost your odds of having a wonderful time? Let us show you how.
By Elise Nersesian
Mature dating is complex enough, but when you add children to the mix, it can grow even more complicated.
By Laura Evans
He proposed and she accepted, so when's the big day? Choosing a wedding date is more difficult than most couples realize, considering work schedules, other family commitments, weather concerns, location and availability of buildings.
By Jennifer Maughan
The signs of romantic attraction are easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. Keep in mind everything, from the way someone looks at you, their body language, their actions, and their words, and you could just end up spotting a potential romantic relationship before it happens.
By Lisa Bower
Infidelity might wreak havoc on a relationship, but dealing with infidelity does not have to necessarily mark the end. There is a chance that a couple can survive in their relationship.
By Lisa Bower
Everyone deserves a little love and attention on their birthday. Birthdays can be spent with friends and family, but when the party ends, the real celebrating can begin. We have the romantic evening ideas that will make the special birthday person, and their significant other, happy to be a part of the world.
By Nichole Smith
The mother of the bride has an important supporting role as the wedding plans unfold. From contributing to the guest list, shower planning and even choosing the dress, there's no more emotional or exciting time in the life of a mother.
By Jennifer Maughan
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