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Popular Articles
Loyalty is important for maintaining a friendship, as it implies trust. Loyalty of customers also aids businesses.
By Christy Birmingham
Cultural weddings are based on the religious and/or cultural beliefs of the bride and groom or their families. In this article, we will look at Oriental and Irish wedding themes.
By Alexandra Heep
Understanding men is a complicated issue. Men don't even understand ourselves. It's difficult to think about how men function. There are things men won't tell women, here are a few.
By Steven Wayne Ansell
Everyone who attends a wedding wants to see what the bride looks like. With all eyes trained on you, you will want to look radiantly beautiful.
By Kimberley Heit
Mature dating is complex enough, but when you add children to the mix, it can grow even more complicated.
By Laura Evans
Courtesy is a vital part of our society.
By G. A. Sylverston
Have a mother-in-law who critiques your every move? How about a father-in-law who questions your profession? A guide to help you through those tough times.
By joerevs300
What are the best reasons for people to get married? If you are thinking about getting hitched, you will want to be sure that you are interested in entering into such a commitment for the right reasons. 
By Laura Evans
Here are five shrewd tips that could help you get your girlfriend back.
By Philip Lop
First-dates can be a dicey time: Do you greet a woman with a handshake or a kiss? Do you hold the door for her or not? Let our pair of savvy experts answer these questions.
By Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro
Love can be a weird, twisted thing, especially in the hands of these fearsome females.
By Craig Stevens
Consider these tipping etiquette guidelines for your wedding vendors. When the wedding has come together perfectly, from the on-time delivery of the cake to the awesome DJ, it's time to think about tipping the vendors.
By Jennifer Maughan
Emotional infidelity might seem less severe than the physical act of cheating, but it is just as devastating to your relationship.
By Laura Evans
Learn how to make friendship bracelets. They are great crafts for the people in your life. These gifts are personal, creative and they show the person you've taken the time to make her something unique.
By Lisa Bower
When figuring out why married women cheat, you'll be surprised to learn that there isn't an easy answer. However, a few basic marriage problems might result in adultery.
By Courtney Ramirez
Are you worried that your spouse is cheating? There are 10 signs of cheating spouses that often serve as red flags to big problems.
By Lisa Bower
How do men act when they are in love? Some men are more demonstrative than others, so it will take an evaluation of verbal and non-verbal clues to figure it out.
By Courtney Ramirez
There are shy guys and then there are perfectly gregarious guys who simply aren't into you. Learn how to tell them apart.
By Lisa Bower
Come on, there is a bright side to it. Here, fun little ways to feel refreshed and (maybe even) ready to date again.
By Nina Malkin
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