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Popular Articles
If you want a second date with a person, first impressions are crucial, and sometimes those impressions are made before you even meet up. Make concrete plans with each other, and confirm those plans the day before. Once you're on the date, keep the mood relaxed and be courteous.
By Cate Mitchell
The top 10 movie kisses of all time are full of romance, splendor and emotion. Learn why these embraces stand out against a sea of cinematic kisses.
By Rachel Mork
If you want to knowhow to make him jealous, the trick is to create a sense of mystery and leave him wanting more.
By Nichole Smith
You're busy with your young child or children all day as a teacher, caretaker, cook, and playmate. Being a stay-at-home mom is a 24-hour a day job and, although you're never alone, you may get lonely - for adult company in particular.
By Marie Lorraine
Are you wondering what attracts Pisces men? The typical Pisces man is always changing, seeking new experiences and bringing his full emotion into the picture. Pisces is not a sign to trifle with unless you have the strength and conviction to match his intensity.
By Rachel Mork
Flirting with girls through text messaging allows you to shower her with some attention without the pressure and anxiety of staring her in the face. Learn how to come off as a smooth communicator.
By Lisa Bower
Learn how to decorate for a backyard wedding and get ideas for dealing with the challenges that an outdoor wedding can present.
By Alice Langholt
Is he - gasp! - getting serious? You won't believe what moves reveal that he's getting ready to commit.
By Lisa Lombardi
If you and your partner have a fairly conventional "courting," you likely will have about a year to plan your wedding. A year seems light years away when you are planning one of the most important events of your life, but you will find that the time slips by.
By Susan Quilty
By using Internet broadcasts of your wedding, you can have a destination wedding and still share it with all your friends and family. Can't afford a big wedding, yet you still want everyone to share in your special day? Have a live wedding Webcast that everyone can attend.
By Wenona Napolitano
There are hundreds of cultures and subcultures telling us that love is at the center of our being.
By Greg Rzepka The GRZ
Conflict resolution tips can offer assistance in personal and professional situations. Learn how to overcome conflict and find compromise.
By Jennifer Maughan
Being happy being single isn't as difficult as you may think: Being single is definitely not the end of the world. If you take a step back, you'll see that the single life isn't that bad at all. In fact, it can be full of fun. Whether your single status is temporary or you're content living life without a permanent partner, being single can be a great adventure.
By Lisa Bower
There's no recipe for a perfect first date. However, learning how to act on a first date can result in a success rather than a flop. Luckily, you learned everything you need to know about how to behave on a first date in kindergarten.
By Kelly Herdrich
While you and your spouse will never agree on everything, there are certain things that couples shouldn't fight over. For example, my wife cannot stand my predeliction toward Law & Order, but she is kind enough not to bring it up as long as I don't mention her obsession with mopping the tile floors under my feet while I try to concentrate on said television show.
By Todd Pheifer
Coming out is liberating, but diving into the dating world can be stressful. Find out what to expect, especially when you get more serious with someone.
By Racheline Maltese
What are the best reasons for people to get married? If you are thinking about getting hitched, you will want to be sure that you are interested in entering into such a commitment for the right reasons. 
By Laura Evans
Perhaps the most important person at a wedding, behind the bride and groom, is the officiant. Choosing the right person will not only make you feel more comfortable but can also heighten the ceremony's impact on you, your partner, your family and everyone in attendance.
By Lisa Bower
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