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Popular Articles
Get creative with winter wedding bouquet ideas. While many women choose a spring or summer wedding, winter can be a most satisfying season to have a wedding ceremony.
By Kristie Leong M.D.
Are you dealing with jealousy in a friendship? If you don't want to end a friendship, but jealousy has gotten in the way of a healthy dynamic, you may want to try these suggested tactics for resolving jealousy issues.
By Rachel Mork
For many, figuring out what to wear on a first date sets the entire tone of the encounter to come. Learn how to make the right statement and start your first date off right.
By Heather Mayer
Good romantic conversation starters should guarantee two things: that you'll put romantic ideas in the other person's head and that you'll start the groundwork for a conversation.
By Aysha Schurman
How will your face look for the big day? Will you attempt to do your makeup yourself or hire a professional makeup artist?
By Claudia Hotea
The long term effects of divorce on kids is important to consider if you're mulling over the idea of a split. If you don't consider the fears and feelings that divorce can create, your children could be battling divorce-related issues well into adulthood. 
By Julie Knapp
Signs ofpeople in love aren't that easy to spot. Knowing whether or not you are in love or if your partner is in love isn't like following road signs, and there is no big red stop. There are also no warnings when there are icy spots or curvy roads to travel.
By Laura Leigh Fields
Planning the perfect bridal shower is no small feat, but it is definitely doable. Let's say that your best friend or maybe even your sister is getting married. That means this very special day is as important to you as it is to her.
By Connie Earl Robertson
They were either born into poverty, balked against mainstream thinking to pursue their dreams, defied laws and the religious beliefs of their community to carry out their life's work. They are also all single women who, though they may have been involved with various men, none of which settled down for marriage and a family. Life can be fulfilling for the single girl.
By Nichole Smith
Looking for wedding dresses on a budget does not mean you are abandoning hope for the wedding of your dreams. There are merely tricks to finding a perfect dress with an even more perfect price.
By Aysha Schurman
Learning the body language of men offers quick and obvious insight into what's going on inside their heads. While he might not be saying much verbally, his body is always sending messages your way.
By Julie Knapp
Learn to decipher the language of flirting and see if she really might be interested in you.
By Marie Lorraine
After a while, saying "I love you" can start to seem repetitive, more habit than feeling, but if you do it in a creative manner, you can keep the romance alive.
By Lisa Bower
Bad date stories are common when you're looking for love. What is important is that you learn how to learn from the horror stories.
By Aysha Schurman
You feel the chemistry, and you know that your date feels the same, but you might be worried that it is too early to go home together. A few signs and relationship patterns can let you know if you can take your relationship to a new level or if it is better to wait.
By Sari Locker
Perfecting your flirting technique is key whether you want to find a partner or just a fun little fling to spice up your life. Learn how to flirt like a pro and speak the language of love.
By Heather Mayer
Sometimes the hurt one inflicts upon another is deliberate. Sometimes it's unintentional. Either way, the pain can be deep and haunting. We can become consumed by this pain, the resentment, the anger and forgiveness doesn't even seem to be an option - but, it is.
By Elton Gahr
When joking about egging your ex's door or something similar develops into a plan to wreak havoc on your ex-partner's life, divorce revenge fantasies have taken a dangerous turn.
By Lisa Bower
Convinced your bond is the real deal? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't; learn how to tell with this smart advice.
By Cate Mitchell
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