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Popular Articles
Everyone gets married believing that this is the person that they will love and live with for the rest of their lives. They believe that their new spouse will never betray the trust, the love,the relationship, or the marriage bed by having an extramarital affair.
By Janet Grischy
The typical dream that most Americans share is one that lies within their future. Some people will report aspirations to obtain a successful career, some will report a desire to positively impact many lives, but most people wish, if nothing else, to discover their soul-mate and establish romantic relations with him or her.
By Alexandra Heep
After divorce, most people go through three phases of romantic recovery. How about you? Do you know where you stand?
By Theo Pauline Nestor
If you and your significant other need a jump start on preparing finances before moving in together, consider these important points.
By Dachary Carey
Rainy days sometimes interfere with our plans, whether dates or everyday outdoor activities. Rain doesn't, however, have to mean you and your loved one cancel your date. If you are flexible and use some creativity, you can adapt to the weather and have a lovely date with your loved one.
By Lisa Bower
More and more people are successfully meeting through the Web. If you represent yourself honestly and follow a few online dating tips, you will be more likely to take a blossoming online romance into the real world.
By Lisa Bower
If you're feeling lonely, take note of these 10 ways to make friends-even without making use of the Internet.
By Rachel Mork
Second wedding dresses, for instance, raise an issue. Does a bride go for white or what?Traditional wedding rules fly out the window when it is time for a second wedding.
By Aysha Schurman
Break ups are hard to get over. Moving on can be so difficult. Relationships and dating sometimes end poorly or before you want them to. These are great things to remember about moving on!
By Steven Wayne Ansell
Elegant wedding shower center pieces allow you to spice up a celebratory event, offer hints about the upcoming wedding and work with both extravagant and mindful planning budgets. Learn how to make the most of your center pieces.
By Aysha Schurman
Here are five reasons why consistency is important in a relationship.
By Philip Lop
Imagine a winter wedding wonderland scene: An old-fashioned frozen pond with people dressed warmly in sweaters, hats, gloves and mittens ice skating on it, snowmen built alongside the pond, icicles dripping from the trees, plus hot cups of cocoa and a roaring fire to go home to. You could take this scene and use the elements to create your own winter wonderland theme wedding.
By Wenona Napolitano
While you and your spouse will never agree on everything, there are certain things that couples shouldn't fight over. For example, my wife cannot stand my predeliction toward Law & Order, but she is kind enough not to bring it up as long as I don't mention her obsession with mopping the tile floors under my feet while I try to concentrate on said television show.
By Todd Pheifer
Are you tempted to search for - and maybe even contact - a love from your past? Here's what you need to know first.
By Amy Palanjian
Any relationship is all about timing, pacing and communication. Your relationship isn't moving too fast or too slow if you can be with your loved one and still feel like you are independent and can make your own decisions.
By Lisa Bower
A rebound relationship is one a person enters into to feel wanted again. In short, this new relationship is a replacement, one meant to fix how a person feels. You want to avoid a rebound relationship because it can stall or inhibit you.
By Lisa Bower
Dating and astrological signs can coexist-in fact, you could find that your perfect mate has already been determined by the stars.
By Teresa Hall
Filing for divorce is a painful step, but there are advantages to being the first to do so if divorce is clearly in your future.
By Aysha Schurman
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