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advice and helpful hints on how to resolve some issues and save your marriage.
By R.J. Landsdown
If you want a second date with a person, first impressions are crucial, and sometimes those impressions are made before you even meet up. Make concrete plans with each other, and confirm those plans the day before. Once you're on the date, keep the mood relaxed and be courteous.
By Cate Mitchell
Interracial relationships are no longer the major social taboo they once were, but they can present couples with some challenges. If you and your loved one keep a level head, communicate and make a conscious effort to learn, accept, and participate in one another's lives, you can leap over the hurdles of interracial dating.
By Lisa Bower
You want to do everything possible to make him happy and to make a good first impression when he introduces you to his friends. We will show you how.
By Nichole Smith
While a foundation of love is important, do not underestimate the importance of communication in keeping a marriage healthy. Here are some of the communication techniques and behaviors that express love and strengthen marriage.
By Alice Langholt
Starting a relationship after divorce is a different process for everyone. While there isn't one correct way to start or maintain post-divorce relationships, there are clear and obvious wrong ways, and these wrong ways tend to mirror the failed marriage.
By Heather Mayer
Who says only the hitched can be happy? These people - from George Clooney to Oprah - prove you can be amazing all by yourself.
By Sue McHugh
There are special elements of a fairytale wedding theme. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel, fairytales always have a happy ending.
By Aysha Schurman
Techniques for effective communication will help you maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your partner.
By Jennifer Maughan
Find out how to write a wedding reception invitation for a reception that takes place well after the wedding itself.
By Jennifer Flaten
Coping with the loss of trust in marriage is a difficult time fraught with tension and potential pitfalls.When trust has been broken, it can be hard, even impossible, to recover.
By Nichole Smith
If you and your partner have a fairly conventional "courting," you likely will have about a year to plan your wedding. A year seems light years away when you are planning one of the most important events of your life, but you will find that the time slips by.
By Susan Quilty
Friendship crafts celebrate the special bond you and another have forged over time. Honor your friend with a creative craft.
By Lisa Bower
The maid of honor (or matron of honor, if married) serves as the bride's right-hand woman during the engagement and wedding. Usually a sister or best friend of the bride, she may play several important roles: from advisor to administrator, and from comforter to counselor.
By Connie Earl Robertson
It's logical, commonsensical, really, to want to know where to find good divorce help.
By Aysha Schurman
The color white remains a traditional favorite.
By Conny Manero
Do you want to know if your husband is cheating? While it can be difficult to get an easy confirmation, there are signs to look for that can offer clues into what he's up to.
By Rachel Mork
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