The Best Way to Break Up With Someone

Do you know the best way to break up with someone? It's always a hot topic, but no matter how you do it it's important to remember respect and class. Breaking up is never easy even if you're the one doing the dumping, so be sure to think it through before making any moves. You can't guarantee that the person with whom you break up won't resent you, but you can do everything you can to handle things sensitively.

Things to Take into Consideration
You two have a history and shared memories. You probably care about each other a great deal. If for some reason the relationship hasn't worked out, don't place the blame on yourself or your significant other. Unless it is a case of cheating or dishonesty, relationships typically don't work out simply because of life changes. Life basically gets in the way, which isn't at all a reason for bitterness or anger. Wait to talk to your significant other until you have calmed down and can think about things rationally. Take into consideration your partner's feelings and how he could react if you break up with him.

There's a Time and a Place
Breaking up with someone through texting, Facebook, IM or any other approach that doesn't involve a face-to-face conversation is immature and disrespectful to your partner. If you don't have the decency to explain yourself and your reasons to your soon-to-be-ex, you shouldn't be in a relationship with anyone in the first place.

That said, refrain from breaking up in a public place, in front of other people or while intoxicated. These environments make for even more uncomfortable situations and the last thing you want is a scene to be made. Don't add insult to injury by humiliating your significant other in front of others, where it's easy for the dumped party to feel ambushed and react irrationally.

Actually Doing It
When the momentous occasion finally comes, be prepared for backlash. Maybe this break up has been a long time coming. Your significant other might not even be surprised. On the other hand, however, your ex-to-be could easily be blindsided. Either way, it's going to sting.

Be ready for the person being dumped to yell, get angry, cry and ask questions. Let her get out everything she has to say without interruption. Even if you have grown to resent your significant other, refrain from insults-it's just tasteless.  Answer her questions as best you can and try to be understanding. Remember that this person was once a really big part of your life and important to you and the least you should do is respect her and her feelings, even if your feelings have changed.

If you do decide to break up, make sure you do it all the way. This means that you should consider deleting phone numbers, divvying up friends and avoiding run-ins at first. If it is a mutual break up, you may be able to be friends but give each other space initially. You need to move on after a break up and let your new ex begin the healing process. Continuing contact after you have broken up is only going to create misery for both of you.

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