How Do I Break Up With Someone Gently

Wondering just how do I break up with someone gently? Start by remaining compassionate and remembering that other people have valid feelings, too. Think about the last time you had to face break up survival and let that memory help keep you compassionate. You want to let the person down gently without tossing too many break up clichés in their face. Keep in mind that no matter how gentle you are, however, someone is probably going to walk away with hurt feelings.

Avoid Fighting
A huge fight is the last thing you want when you're breaking up with someone. Since your partner's feelings will probably be hurt, they might try to bait you into an argument. Steer clear of these traps and try to keep everything as amicable as possible. It's also important to avoid playing the blame game if you don't want the break up to turn into a fight. If any blame has to be placed, just blame yourself to keep things calm.

Be Honest
It's important to remain honest when you're breaking up with someone. You don't want to hurt their feelings, but you should let them know the real reasons for any problems. This can help them grow as a person or at least give them a solid foundation for some closure.

Be Prepared
Make sure you're prepared with the reasons you want to break up. Think long and hard about the potential questions your partner may ask and have answers ready for each one. While you don't want to actually read a prepared speech that's written down, you do want to have a basic break up speech outlined in your head.

Be Strong
You must stay strong and stick with your convictions once you have decided to break up with someone. Don't try to take the easy way out by giving them false hope of possible reconciliation. Be gentle, but firm, about your choice.

Keep It Private
The last thing anyone wants is to cause a huge public scene when they're being broken up with. Spare your partner this embarrassment and keep the break up in a private place. Don't head to a romantic restaurant where everyone will hear each anguished whisper. Don't break up with someone at a group event where your or their friends have gathered.

Steer Clear of Clichés
Nobody wants to hear the same old clichés that they have heard a thousand times in breakup songs. Even if your reason for breaking up is cliché, you can at least take the time to word it in a different way. 

Use a Compliment Sandwich
A compliment sandwich is a smart tactic that many employers use when doing performance reviews. Basically, you give the person a small compliment, then make a small critical remark and end with another small compliment. This sandwich helps soften the overall blow of bad news.

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