How to Survive a Breakup

Figuring out how to survive a breakup is not an easy task and the exact steps change from person to person. Though there are basic break up survival skills every person needs, how those skills are realized and utilized change for each individual.

It's completely normal to go through a mourning process after a breakup. You need to give yourself time to process the shock and sadness created by the end of your relationship. There are some hopes and dreams that will need to be adjusted to your new reality. Give yourself a little time to accept the situation and start healing your emotional wounds.

Mourning Survival
Healthy breakup survival requires you to recognize the mourning process, acknowledge the pain, deal with the emotions and resolve lingering issues. You can use any method to help you survive the process, as long as it moves you forward in a healthy manner. Don't beat yourself up if you slide a little and do some self-indulgent activities, such as eating ice cream for dinner or crying before you go to sleep. It's OK to do a bit of self-nurturing; you just don't want to make it a frequent habit.

Use some relationship mourning survival tricks to help you deal with the process. Try keeping a breakup diary to help you identify common emotions and issues that need work. Make a list of the good and bad points of ending the relationship to help you take a logical look at the situation. Keep in mind that there is usually no one person to blame and the old cliché is true, "They call it a breakup because something was broken."

Once you pass through the basic mourning period after a breakup, it's time to start recovering. Take a hard look at what you need to accomplish to get your life back on track. Use any clever and healthy means necessary to reach these goals and move on with your life.

Recovery Survival
Part of surviving the recovery period after a breakup is repairing your self-confidence. There is no way to survive or recover from a breakup if you cannot find a way to recognize your self worth. List positive points about yourself and keep it handy to review to help heal your self-esteem. Get a makeover, change your hair color, update your wardrobe or join a gym to help you feel positive about your physical appearance.

Starting or keeping to a regular exercise routine is a very popular breakup recovery survival technique. It's not all about improving your physical appearance, though that aspect does help. Exercising lets you release your physical and emotional anxieties in a healthy manner. If you can work out your frustration, anger, fear and anxiety with exercise, it leaves you free to spend the rest of your day focusing on what's important.

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Learning how to break up may help you avoid unnecessary pain. 

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