Letting Go of a Bad Relationship

Letting go of a bad relationship is not always easy. For whatever reason, some people choose to stay in relationships that are no good for them. In many cases, even those who do end an unhealthy partnership have extreme difficulty letting go. They struggle to move past where they once were and have trouble starting over. The person who can't let go of a bad relationship can have many thoughts running through her mind.

Feeling worthy
If you've never been in a bad relationship, you might find it hard to understand how someone might not be able to let go. For the person in the bad relationship, it's a matter of self worth. There is an overwhelming fear of never having anything better than what you had with your partner. The feeling stems from a low self image and often comes to create relationship problems. In many instances, people whose self worth are low have long listened to her partner explain that she could never have anything better than what she has now, or that no one else will ever want her like he does. If she doesn't feel that she deserves better, letting go of even a bad relationship can be impossible.

Living in fear's house
Fear doesn't need to mean that you are afraid of someone or something physically. It can mean that you are afraid of what lies ahead for you. You cling to the bad relationship that you have because it's what is comfortable to you; even though it hurts you emotionally or physically. There is always a fear of the unknown for people who haven't had the opportunity to have a positive relationship. Fear will not only keep you from letting go of a relationship, but it will also hinder your ability to let you see yourself as a wonderful and beautiful person.

Looking ahead
As scary as it sounds, in order for you to let go of a bad relationship, you must look to the future. Envision a life for yourself without the person who made your relationship bad. Find your own true self and independence away from your past hurts. Discover things to do on your own that won't remind you of the bad relationship; by gaining your own independence, the past relationship doesn't feed on your new life without the other person.

Facing the future can feel impossible if you're leaving a bad relationship, but staying in a relationship where you aren't valued, loved or appreciated is far worse than an unknown future.

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