Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships

Letting go of unhealthy relationships is one of the most difficult tasks a person can undertake. While the definition of an unhealthy relationship is largely subjective, once a person determines that her partner is having a detrimental effect on her life, she must take action. Unhealthy relationships can be the hardest to let go of, and for this reason taking a little breakup advice is useful.

Accepting The Relationship Is Unhealthy
It's often hard for a person to admit they're in an unhealthy relationship. They may feel it reflects negatively on them, as they freely chose to start the relationship in the first place. Unhealthy relationships can involve everything from excessive neediness, addiction and emotional or physical abuse. It's often surprising to learn that people enter unhealthy relationships because of unconscious needs. For example, it may be that her father was an abusive alcoholic, and she develops a relationship with a similar man because it feels comfortable. To let go of an unhealthy relationship first involves accepting that it's unhealthy.

The Breakup
Breakups in unhealthy relationships can be especially messy, which is why simple dating help may be insufficient. Because of the emotional abuse and neediness that may be involved in an unhealthy relationship, it's often necessary to be firm and resilient when pulling the plug. In some cases, support is needed from friends or even professionals. The best way to end a relationship with an unhealthy person is to state your position and move on quickly. Get your stuff and get going. Don't wallow in a sea of guilt and anger.

Letting Go And Moving On
The bond in an unhealthy relationship can be especially strong. This being the case, letting go and moving on can be extremely difficult. The best way to do this is to immerse yourself in new activities and solidify relationships with healthy friends. Simply ending a relationship and sitting around won't help you let go. Replace the unhealthy relationship with new experiences, and reflect on the problems you once shared with your partner. For some, therapy is helpful. Either way, you must move on. If everyone had perspective on her unhealthy relationships, no one would be involved in them. Deciding to end a relationship and moving on afterwards is a massive challenge. Still, it can be done, and eventually it must be done.

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