Moving Out After a Break Up

Moving out may be in order if your relationship isn't going where you'd like. Once you've announced that the relationship is over, it's time to head over to the leasing office if you've rented a place together. Contractually if your name is on the lease, informing the rental office that you are moving out is the first step. Find out what you need to do to get out of the lease before packing up your belongings. If you share bills or pay any utilities, now is the time to get them turned over to your ex and pay up what you owe. Pay the bills yourself. If they are bitter, the money may not go where it needed to be. It's important to remain polite through the process. Fighting and tension won't help the situation.

Packing Up, Moving Out
Exercise some courtesy for your ex, even if you don't feel like it and pack your things as quickly as possible. If you can, do it when you know they won't be home. If you haven't already found a place of your own, move your sleeping quarters to the couch or another room if you can. The goal is to be fast and be civil when you are moving out. You should be sure to do all the moving and packing yourself. You can't expect your ex to do it for you and they shouldn't have to, especially if moving out was your decision. The longer you share space, the harder it will be for you to move. Emotions at this time are running at an all time high. Either of you may be feeling angry, hurt, or stressed over the decision.

Whether you are getting your own place or sharing a place with a friend, look at moving out as an opportunity at a clean break and new start. Things that you left behind can be replaced with something new that doesn't hold or tie meaning to your ended relationship. Be optimistic about the move; this is new beginning and freedom for yourself.

No one wants to suffer a break up and then moving out on top of it but the fact is that it does happen to couples every day. The more adult you are about the situation and acting in a grown up manner will make the process easier on you in the long run.

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