Rebound Relationships: Wait Before Starting a New Relationship

After the end of a relationship, it is logical to want to feel loved. Thus, many people end up in new relationships before they are fully ready to date someone else. A rebound relationship is one a person enters into to feel wanted again or to feel loved. In short, it is a replacement relationship, one meant to "fix" how a person feels. You want to avoid a rebound relationship because it can stall or inhibit you from processing your previous one.

The first way to keep yourself out of a rebound relationship is to stay busy. Make plans with friends and family members, commit yourself to work projects, and try to take on new hobbies. You will not want a new relationship right away if you have no time for one.

Use your friends and family members as resources. They can help keep you out of a rebound relationship because they can give you the emotional intimacy and support that you might be craving after the end of a relationship. Email, write, call and text friends when you are feeling down. You don't have to talk about the break-up when you contact friends. Instead, contacting people can help you feel less alone and less like you need a relationship. Additionally, if the relationship you just got out of was a long-term one, consider going to therapy temporarily. It can help to process the break-up if you have someone else to talk to about it.

Lastly, know that it is okay to date. However, you do not want to fall into another serious relationship. If you find yourself becoming too emotionally attached too fast, it is a sign that you are trying to replace your former love with this person. Instead, take time to process the past relationship, talk to friends and focus on yourself. After all, you have to love yourself before you can love someone else.

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